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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Cloud Accounting Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automate and digitalise repetitive and tedious accounting tasks

Increase your productivity and better serve your clients using Dynamics 365 Business Central. Effectively manage accounting processes and tasks and easily access your clients’ data in one simple and easy-to-use dashboard using Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get started with

Business Central on Cloud

A more flexible, cheaper and remote-friendly cloud accounting software that makes work easier.


Be more productive

Effectively manage accounting tasks and eliminate manual processes, freeing up time to take on new clients and better serve existing ones. Manage multiple clients from a single dashboard in real time.

Optimise your supply chain

Maximize profitability with an end-to-end view across operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management.

Forecasts at your fingertips

Improve forecast accuracy with comprehensive data modelling and analysis. Customize and share reports with seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

Better Decisions

Make informed decisions with connected data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer transactions.

Increase financial visibility

Business Central is a powerful accounting software to accelerate financial reporting and maintain compliance with quick, accurate, and streamlined accounts receivable and payable.

Boost sales and improve service

Manage the sales process from start to finish within Outlook and deliver exceptional service with a connected view of customers and service operations.

Run your business anywhere

Get the same user experience no matter how you deploy—in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both. Take your business on the go with a consistent, intuitive experience across Windows, Android, or iOS devices for mobile access to Business Central.


Inventory Management

Take control of your inventory and streamline goods movement across multiple warehouses effortlessly. Handle variants, serial numbers, and SKU codes, optimising the use of product barcodes and inventory. Automate every process and manage your warehouses better.


Streamline the Manufacturing Process to enhance your operations. Take charge of your inventory and effortlessly track product costings. Boost efficiency, reduce manual work, and ensure seamless production from start to finish.

Sales & Marketing

Effortlessly manage and delve into detailed customer data, seamlessly integrated with orders, while closely monitoring pricing, discounts, and marketing campaigns. Stay connected with your customers through automated email communication.


Work with a detailed supplier agenda. Automatically cover production, sales or project requirements Manage detailed product database with smart predictions and insights to re-order products.

Service Management

Support shops and field service operations with complex business scenarios. From customer service distribution systems to industrial service environments with bills of materials, we've got you covered.

Project Management

Create reports, invoices based on project data. Plan better by resource capacity measuring and contrasting the planned and actual costs. Track project status and earnings in real time.

Human Resources

Simplify task management while keeping track and records of all employment contracts. Keep track of absences, reasons for inactivity, or dismissal. The system complies with GDPR rules.

Finance Management

Manage general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, fixed assets and cash flow. Create custom reports based on your requirements to take better decisions.

Why On Point?

Here at On Point, we're more than just a regular software company. Our solution specialists are qualified to  go beyond the implementation & development work to ensure that the functional result is aligned to high standards we set and relevant to all accounting principles and IFRS's where applicable.


That’s why we ensure that all work assignments are vetted by our consultants prior to the actual software implementation or support.

We believe that being close to our partners is what makes On Point stands out from its competitors. We develop a strong relationship to make sure that the service provided is truly on point from all point of views.

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