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Confluence is a very well-known document management system, which provides excellent collaboration tools for any teams whose target is to produce specific or ad-hoc documents.  Moreover, it heightens the collaboration facility through the use of web-pages which further allows the user to categorise the files and pages in virtually limitless categories.  

However, there are circumstances where apart from working together as a team we would need to maintain a system of review and approval.  This is especially important for contracts, legally-binding documents or most of the customer-facing documents.   Approvals may also be very important for sensitive data publishing such as profitability or major sales agreements.  For each of this case scenario, we would need to have a page or document reviewed before actually publishing it or sending it over. 

Manage time

Tempo offers insightful time tracking that helps teams and individuals manage their time better

We believe in providing distraction free time tracking to help better understand productivity and efficiency.

Tempo Time Planning

Track, plan, review and report

Spend less effort on tracking your time and more time on what really matters

Learn everything you want to know about Tempo products with a free demo. We'll show you how our platform allows you to optimize your work in Jira with better time tracking, resource planning, and financial management.

Streamlined Planning

Prioritize the work your team is working on and complete projects on time

Better Insights

Run repors to take better deciions with detailed data

Track and log time 

wherever you are

Convert events from your calendar (Google & Office 365) into work logs with a tap

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