Manage all your data in one place

Whenever and from any device

Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • gives you a detailed overview of what is happening
    in your company

  • automates business, financial, marketing, production and warehouse processes

  • creates a database of contacts and documents, sends emails, provides you with detailed reports

   And much more. With customization just for you.

What we offer

Microsoft Certified Partner

20+ years of experience

Non-binding appraisal and demo

Reaction within
24 hours

We'll implement NAV
into your business

  • Purchase a complete solution 
  • Lease a complete solution

We will install and customize the system to fit your needs. We will teach you how to use it and be available whenever you need some help

We'll help with your NAV

  • Completion of individual assignments
  • Long-term cooperation

We will train you. Handle integrations, amend or add new modules and functions

We'll modify NAV
for your clients

  • Completion of individual assignments
  • Long-term cooperation

We will take care of installations, modifications or development of new modules, upgrades and integrations

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Try VAT4U - clever aplication of our new partner. 
It automatically calculates the net, VAT and refundable amounts with knowledge of laws of many countries.

About the company

On Point was created thanks to the enthusiasm of three MS Dynamics NAV specialists. Each of them brought years of experience from a number of projects.

We believe in the future of this ERP system, which we will customize to fit the needs of each client.

Not only Konica Minolta, RSM or Marucci Sports, but also small businesses and startups.


MT +356 7906 5343

CZ +420 704 122 326