What can NAV do

NAV has an endless number of features that we can customize just for you.

Here is a short overview of what the system can do and how we work with it.

We will gladly show you, how can NAV help your business.

NAV gives you... 

Easy management of your company

You won't see just bare data, but also context. Recognize,
to which activities they are bound, what they mean and how to deal with them.


Track performance and evaluate trends. Know everything about each transaction and process. With the ability to look up any historical data, easily identify weaknesses and implement changes in time.

Smart planning

Have the ability to review and amend your operations. Set exceptions, payment terms or discounts for individual customers and vendors, change material requirements, costs and goods replenishment. Operate in any currency.


NAV automates a number of processes, allows you to send automatic emails, create marketing campaigns, periodically perform reporting and much more. 

 Access anytime, anywhere

Access your data from your PC, tablet and mobile phone. Connect anytime - whether you are at work, home or abroad.

Flexibility and scalability

NAV is easy to use, can be fully customized in order to fit your company processes and grows together with your business

Want more information? 

We'll send you a PDF with a detailed introduction of MS Dynamics NAV

We'll create a demo just for you

Tell us, what you need, and we'll demonstrate a proposed solution.

About the company

On Point was created thanks to the enthusiasm of three MS Dynamics NAV specialists. Each of them brought years of experience from a number of projects.

We believe in the future of this ERP system, which we will customize to fit the needs of each client.

Not only Konica Minolta, RSM or Marucci Sports, but also small businesses and startups.



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