Jira HelpDesk

Clients always come first. Such helpdesk provides an easy-to-use customer portal, with a tonne of features and is fully customisable to your company. You customers can easily get what they need to do to solve their problem with a clear user-friendly interface.

Why HelpDesk for Jira?

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Service Level Agreements

Set your response time for every action and you will know what you have to do first and your clients will know when will get the answer.

Use the OLA functionality – the time limit rules set for each involved team.

Reduce costs and time

Jira HelpDesk, whilst having more benefits than Jira Service Desk, is 90% cheaper than other customer service/support software out there.

Designed for your company

This add-on integrates with your current Jira Software, being highly customisable for your company requirement and client oriented.


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