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Edit in Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft office suite of products are probably the most important and popular products within an office environment. For ages we have tried to get rid of them with no results at all. In a complete change of mindset we are now encuraging the proper use of the suite of products together with the main software being used.

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With this in mind the tight integration of Business Central to the office products is all the more important. It’s not about simple dumping of data, but about being efficient in our work and making the best use of the features offered by Microsoft office. With the onset of the Business Central SAAS, we are now able to edit content directly into excel with a couple of easy steps. It’s a feature which is available in most list and tables available within the system.

In order to make use of this the following steps are necessary:

  1. Go to the usual page within Business Central, such as the Item list.

  2. Click on the button share with other apps and choose Edit in Excel

After downloading and opening the excel sheet you’ll be prompted to sign into Business Central through Excel itself. This is a one-time setup, only necessary for the first time you’re using Microsoft Excel to edit the data.

Once in Excel, you may:

  • Add new records

  • Amend current records

Should you need to refresh the data with the current data in the system, maybe to get a fresh copy of data you would simply need to click on the button refresh.

Once all the changes are ready simply Publish the changes

One key question is when to use this feature. We recommend it in one of the following cases:

  • When we have a large amount of data which has to be updated or amended

  • When we a number of new records are to be inputted in the system

  • Whenever we have the data handy in excel and we’d rather copy and paste it rather than typing it into the system.

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