Jira Service Desk

A user friendly service desk with features like self-service, automation, SLAs and CSAT reporting increase the efficiency of your team work. It has never been easier for your customers to request help or search knowledge bases!

Provide service and support without the cost and complexity of traditional ITSM solutions. Our affordable and transparent pricing lets you get started quickly and deliver value fast. Spin up new services with Jira Service Desk’s intuitive, codeless setup and configuration.

Simply powerful, modern, affordable, collaborative

ITSM Software for you company

Integrate Jira Service Desk with apps


An extensive marketplace of 1,000+ trusted applications & integrations ensure Jira Service Desk can be custom tailored to fit any and every use case.

Gmail Jira Project Management

Shape your processes to match the way you work


Easily adapt your service management processes to match the way your customer service team works. Tailor service delivery to your organization’s specific needs with our rich ecosystem of integrations and marketplace apps.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Set as many SLA rules as necessary to keep track of deadlines or request types based on the time elapsed. Easily handle priority-based demands, and use automatic escalation guidelines to alert the right team leaders to prevent SLA violations.

Agent queues


Get easily configurable queues that agents can use to prioritize, triage, and assign incoming requests.

CSAT reporting

Measure customer satisfaction to help you better understand your customers and improve service levels. Jira Service Desk provides a simple, built-in mechanism to collect customer feedback.

The companies you use, use Jira Service Desk

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