End of Dynamics NAV? Not at all!

Have you been using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system? You might have heard some news about replacement of this product (since January 2019). Well, it is true. But no worries!
MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, which will replace Dynamics NAV, is basically new improved version of the same product with a different name. What does this new release mean to you?

Why is Dynamics 365 Business Central replacing Dynamics NAV?

Believe it or not, changing the name should bring a better orientation in Microsoft products. Certainly, you've heard about the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Cloud solutions. These can be great additions to your ERP system and together create a set of tools that make it easy to manage your business - from small administrative tasks through customer and supplier communications to key processes without which your company could not work.

To make it clear that the Dynamics ERP solution is the core "center" of the Dynamics 365 family of products, Microsoft appropriately named it Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. All the other products are meant to work together with Business Central and complement it. You will also find a number of extensions in the Business Central App Store. Besides them, On Point Ltd. offers you integrations with other programs, such as advanced budget management tool or automated VAT refund platform.

Role of Dynamics 365 Business Central is also shown by the new logo.

Business Central is kind of a chameleon

Inside, it's still Dynamics NAV, only transformed and adapted to current trends and user needs.

The great news is that you can choose from three system variants:

  1. Cloud - the system only runs on the Cloud

  2. On-premise - runs only on your server

  3. Hybrid - partially running on your server and partially on the Cloud

What other changes might interest you?

What if you want to continue
using Dynamics NAV?

Not a problem! Although Dynamics NAV will no longer be available for new customers, the current ones don't have to change anything, even after 1/1/2019. So if you are satisfied with your Dynamics NAV, keep using it. Business Central can be the opportunity to upgrade your ERP system later.

If you keep using Dynamics NAV, you can expect from On Point Ltd.:

  • customer service as before,

  • the ability to purchase licenses for new users,

  • opportunity to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018 if you use older version.
    But only until 30/4/2019.

And if you're considering Business Central...

You are surely curious about what it offers. And what new features and improvements it has. Stay tuned, we'll talk about this next time.