A Dress to Remember

Interview with Anthea Vella

17 May 2022

For some dressing up is a joyous pursuit - the thrill of bringing together clothes that match, style well, make you feel good, and above all, which fit the purpose of the occasion. For others, dressing up is not as thrilling or perhaps they might even find it an arduous task, making them resort to less elaborate outfits with little thought behind their ensemble. Whether you are part of team #dressup or team #dressdown, there is one dress which for sure will require some careful thought - the wedding dress. As wide as the spectrum is when it comes to an understanding of the perfect wedding dress, there is one thing which is for sure - a day to remember deserves a dress to remember.

We reached out to Anthea Vella who has not only said yes to dress for the wedding day, but she devotedly took this to a whole new level. Being so in love with the dress and wanting to cherish it for more than just the wedding day, Anthea decided to store the dress in a showcase at her home. Read the whole interview to learn more about the dress to remember.

Every dress has a story, what’s the story behind your wedding dress?

I cannot forget the feeling when I came across the dress. It happened to be the first one I tried on, but it was love at first sight and in my heart of hearts I knew it was the one, even though I kept on trying about a ten to a dozen more dresses afterwards. I had always desired for a lace dress with detailed beads on the waistline, coming together in a mermaid style which is particular and distinctive as this special day truly deserves. As soon as I slipped into it, I felt it was the one as it had both lace and beads - just as I wanted.

I had bought it from Pronovias which back then was in Gzira.

How did the idea of showcasing the dress come about?

I was still at the shop when I thought of showcasing the dress in the bedroom. I did not fancy the idea of spending money on the dress to only cherish it on the wedding day. Looking at the dress reminisces the memories keeping the wedding day alive, which is another reason why I am happy to have decided to keep it. I had also entertained the idea of putting it in a frame, however the thought of flattening the dress didn’t quite resonate with us, as it would surely reduce its beauty. I used to watch the TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” which ultimately inspired me to showcase the dress on a mannequin.

From your own experience, what would your suggestions be to brides who are in the process of saying yes to their dress?

Go for whatever makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel like you. It is your dress, not your mum’s, your mother-in-law’s or your friend’s. You deserve to feel like a diva on the day, so make the day your own, especially when it comes to the dress! Then when you’re trying on dresses, just follow your gut feeling. You will surely feel whether it is the one or not. Being the kind to try countless items in the changing room, I tend to be a headache for anyone accompanying me through my shopping. Initially I remember myself to worry about this as I know I am choosey. Yet, as soon as I looked in the mirror, my heartbeat increased, and that was the sign that it was it!


“Go for whatever makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel like you.”


Anyone who knows you, can immediately grasp your love for fashion. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion goes beyond a mere choice of clothes. To me, it means to experiment and find how you truly want to express yourself. It also means the confidence you feel once you find the perfect combination of clothing which suits my needs. Fashion isn’t only about clothes. It’s about the way you carry yourself from head to toe. For instance, changing of hair colour plays a role for a fashionable image.

What is the craziest thing you did in the name of fashion? (We won’t judge… promise!)

Crazy fashion related things usually occur on my payday, especially when it would be too tempting to resist that branded item which costs a little more than my usual spending. Though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I consider these moments as well deserved retail therapy!

Apart from the wedding dress, are there any other clothing items which you also dearly cherish and perhaps showcase?

I hold dear and adore every piece of clothing I buy. When you shop from the heart, it’s difficult to leave anything behind. My next idea, is to have my daughter’s First Holy Communion dress in a showcase in her room.

Which is the fashion item you cannot do without?

That’s too difficult to answer. Choosing only one item would mean to be static and fashion is all about change. I like to keep myself updated with current trends, and choosing one item wouldn’t do justice to the flexibility and creativity which lures me into fashion in the first place.

Share a secret with our readers. Where do you shop?

I mostly like to shop online. At the moment I am fascinated with Farfetch.

Besides being a fashion lover, Anthea is also a fit-fanatic. When she’s not shopping around, she’s tangled up in sunshine and saltwater.

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