All Is Bright - 10 Things to consider before opening a Retail Store


30 November 2021

There’s no better time to light things up than Christmas time, and if we’re speaking of lights who else to ask if not experts in the industry? With more than 30 years of experience, RAICO will shed light upon 10 Things to consider before Opening a Retail Store. Wait no more and read the article to be enlightened!

1.Furniture Layout

The layout of the furniture within the shop's space will determine where exactly you need power sockets and switches. This will avoid installing unhelpful sockets in impractical locations wasting everybody’s time and money as a result.

2. Light Design

The placement of lights with a store is frequently overlooked. A badly prepared lighting design will result in a dark and gloomy store interior, which is unattractive for customers and makes work for employees more difficult. Discuss the design and layout options with your electrician so you create a space with the ideal ambience to suit the style and practicality of your store.

3. Extra Power Supply

It is not uncommon to experience a power failure during operational hours. You can prepare ahead for this eventuality by planning and installing a redundant power supply system which is connected to all important operations and power sockets. This will mean that your store will have a backup and continue to operate when main power systems fail.

4. Accessibility for Maintenance

An electrician will need to maintain the electrical components of your store on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation. Clear access to important mechanical and electrical services is to be preplanned. By intentionally placing these services in the most suitable locations possible, you can reduce the likelihood of your stores' downtime or closure, even over these periods of maintenance.

5. Network Preparations

Electrical and computer networks are the veins of shops. By having a thorough infrastructure throughout your store you allow for connectivity in all required situations which in turn, smoothens the flow of operations.

6. Store Services

Store services such as restrooms, air conditioning and plumbing, should be taken into consideration in the planning process. This enables understanding of practicalities allowing for seamlessness between operational systems and a comfortable environment for both customers and employees.

7. Centralised Service Area Location

The service desk is the heart of any store and should be well-equipped. Employees will need access to electricity, internet, phones and useful storage space. These are to be kept into consideration throughout the process of installation planning.

8. Future Alterations

Expect the need for alterations in the future and allow room for potential changes in the layout of the electrics. A practical tip would be to strategically plan electrical services above soffit for any potential changes. This is likely to help save you time and money as you have flexible foundations.

9. Emergency Response Systems

Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst! Install an efficient emergency system as precaution for crisis situations. Beyond time and money, it can help save a life!

10. Reliable Tradespeople

Make sure you regularly maintain and upkeep these systems to avoid unwanted outages or surprises. The right contacts of trustworthy tradesman in the industry, will ensure the best possible service.

Well planned installations of electrical and mechanical components are crucial when considering to open a retail store. If you found these tips helpful and want to learn more, RAICO can light up your plans and brighten up your future!

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