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All You Need is POS

Stephen Abela

14 February 2022

We must admit that the IT guys love showing off with techy words. And the less comprehensible they are, the better the feeling. In the name of love for understanding, we thought of breaking down what a POS or simply, Point of Sale is expected to do and the key features to bear in mind when choosing your next POS.


Stock Management

We might perceive ourselves as too small to appreciate the importance of stock management. Nevertheless, we have seen it time and time again that having a good stock management in place is essential to improve on the space usage and even get better pricing from suppliers. Not to mention that the customers have grown used to ask for an item and instantly getting to know whether it is available or not.


Large chains may run significant discount campaigns and the tiny shop at the corner is somehow expected to retain the clients through their own discount schemes. At the end of the day people love going to the corner shop but everyone has to keep a keen eye on their own pockets. Being able to create discount schemes and easily change pricing and offers is essential for an efficient running of the shop whilst maintaining happy clients.

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are no longer a new thing and nowadays they are simply expected. Our clients expect us to have some kind of point scheme from which they can benefit, either by getting free items, discounts or perhaps even better pricing. Whatever the scheme is, it tends to be expected and still very much requested by the clients. We thus need to make sure to have a system in place which makes it easy to maintain it and run efficiently. This will surely be the guarantee for repeat business and a brighter future.

Hardware Freedom

The old bulky system nicely set on a bench next to the shop’s door is pretty much a thing of the past. Nowadays we need to ensure that we have a system in place which can accommodate both apple, windows and also android products. We need to have a system which can move around and when having to get new hardware, we can simply transfer from the old system to the new one. All this is usually taken for granted but seldomly achieved by most POS systems.


Whether it’s a crappy system or a super one, it does not really matter when the user hits a brick wall and needs help and assistance there and then. A strong support system is a necessity and not a luxury which we need to consider when choosing our next POS System. Maybe this is the most difficult area to determine but we believe that a support system that understands the user, rather than pouring loads of techy words, would already be a good conversation starter.

So what next?

The above are just the features which in our opinion are the show-stoppers. There is much more to consider, and these will be slowly introduced in the next editions. In the meantime, should you want to get to have a better look at our POS feel free to reach out to us….we promise not to be too techy!

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