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Are You a C.R.U.E.L.L.A?


30 September 2021

If you’re an animal lover, just like me, the name Cruella De Vil might give you shivers and disgust. Synonym with puppies, fur coats and evilness, the name does indeed carry a reputation. Yet if you are into fashion, you simply cannot miss out watching this movie. Yes, there were many moments of ‘Oh my God that’s so stylish!' and ‘I want that! I’m making that dress for my next party!' But besides being engulfed by the ocean of jaw-dropping costumes, style, clothing construction and accessories, the movie is so much more than that. The back story of this villain takes us on a journey of wonder… What made her become so turpid to want to turn puppies into coats? Is she truly nothing more than the personification of evil? What lessons can we learn from her story? Is there a C.R.U.E.L.L.A. inside of us all? Let’s explore!

Warning! - This article may contain spoilers.

To begin with, we are a software company who would like to expose our solutions in style. Clarity is a value we hold at heart and we don't want to mislead you into thinking that this is a random fashion article falling from the sky, just like Cruella did in the very ending scene… don’t worry she survived (Oops #spoiler1) - BUT if you are into fashion, retail or simply reading out of curiosity, we promise it’s worth the read. You can call this piece of writing versatile I suppose? Isn’t it what fashion is all about after all? Let’s indulge without further ado and explore what C.R.U.E.L.L.A. stands for.


Being an artist, Cruella is far more than the intoxicating and transgressive being she is perceived to be. Though she is no angel as she finds her way through life happenings, her delinquency also fuels her uncompromised and grandiose creativity. Sassy, witty and classy, Cruella doesn't miss a beat, dares to be different and make a statement.


Having had a difficult past and a troubled childhood, Estella doesn’t leave a stone unturned (no pun intended) to unveil the truth about her past and keeps on thriving to follow her dreams. Though it’s not quite advisable to embrace all the fabulous drama, mannerisms and carefree attitude in real life, it is a good reminder of the importance of coming to terms with our past and take control of our future, by equipping ourselves with survival skills and coping structures while wearing a sassy outfit… cos why not?


Cruella is able to be all over the place. From the very core of the Baroness' secret safe up to the catwalk. Having the ability to be everywhere, she doesn’t let one opportunity lose her grasp. As the innocent looking Estella is steadily evolving into Cruella, she makes the most out of both worlds and shapes her strategy against her main competitor (the Baroness), with all the available insights and resources at hand. This nurtured her revolutionary endeavors to help her succeed… yes she succeeds (and there goes #spoiler2). Moral of this part of the story? Knowledge is power…Be as present as you can be!


No. we’re not referring to the occasional power cut (for which by the way a backup system provided by one of our software solutions might turn out really handy ). Cruella’s life path from a homeless orphan walking round the streets of London to a fashion designer lavishly doing the catwalk with her head held high, is anything but tranquil. What kept her going? How did she do it? It’s about working hard but also about working smart. Though perhaps not to such extremes, great successes do bring along hard work and struggles. It is not only imperative to choose our struggles but also to choose how and where to invest our working hours. Feeling overwhelmed with tedious jobs can leave little to no space for creativity. Cruella wasn’t meant to do any of the tedious jobs she had to, till she flourished. Focus on your strengths, walk the walk and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Side note - she is an orphan isn’t she? …this is too big to spoil so I won’t play around further with #spoiler3


If there is one scene in the movie which could be described as loaded it would definitely be the Garbage Truck scene. My Gosh!… does that skirt ever finish?!… well it does just about 40 feet later! It’s so extra in all the good senses and there is no better definition of expression through fashion. The scene is theatrical magnificence at its best, and one of the most defining moments of the storyline as Cruella literally embraces all that was being said about her in the media by wearing a tightly fit corset made out of newspapers. As the truck moves along, the everlasting skirt is exposed swinging loosely as she fled away. Making a strong statement, Cruella once again embarks on the advantage of the present moment to spring to her future and stay ahead of the game .


It is pretty clear that right from the start, Cruella had no difficulty in expressing herself to get her message through. Being misunderstood and oftentimes a little bit out of the norm, doing so did not always work in her favour. As she channeled this urge to be remarkable through her designs, she earned a relevant voice and not only found, but created her space of being, as she grew over her competing adversary with the support of her team and the right tools in place. Clear communication is an indispensable trait in all areas of life, be it for personal growth, developing relationships or business leadership. No need to be cruel to be kind, perhaps you just have to be clear!


We cannot end this article without mentioning Cruella’s companion Buddy! Since she was a little girl, he was her true buddy indeed. Featuring throughout the whole movie, Buddy symbolizes more than the love and comfort a living furry creature can bring along. He’s her fellow and associate in all her doings. The one she confides to, not because he could provide too much of advice (obviously… oh if pets could speak!), but perhaps more because he represented her sense of authenticity - reminding her of her adventurous though turmoiled beginnings by being always there. He was a steady reference point who she could turn to in times of need and though it might not sound like much, it was also crucial to keep her going. In a fast-paced, competitive and hectic context, it is easy to lose sight of who we are. While heading towards our goals and pursuits, it is important to stay aligned with our true selves which ultimately shape our identity - whether on a personal or on a business level. We’re social beings, look for your buddy!

So… are you a C.R.U.E.L.L.A.? Dare to be!

As Cruella says, “A well cut skirt is a lifesaver”, and so is a well cut software solution for your fashion business. If you’re a retailer and looking for the best software solution to support the C.R.U.E.L.L.A. spirit of your business, reach out to us and we’ll help you through with taking your business activities to the next level. Learn more about LS Retail here.

Disclaimer - no animal, puppy, or lovely furry creature has been hurt in the process of writing this article, but if you happen to have a pet store, we might have a software solution for you too!

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