How's Life?

Lucille Cachia

14 October 2021

The very answer to that question depends on many variables - whether I’ve had enough sleep, enough coffee, enough work, enough leisure time or whether I’ve have had enough of it all! Juggling between work, life and studies, can be taxing, yet life is far more than having a nine-to-five job and working endlessly till you break your back. Inspired by our many conversations at the office springing from current on-goings and the love of life or as the French better express it, the joie de vivre, it became intriguing to create a space to showcase and voice common interests for anyone who is into business, retail and above all into life. After some pondering our creative juices got flowing and voilà Life on Point was conceptualized.

If there’s something which brings me joy to life, it surely is fashion! And if you’re into it too, you can't miss Michela Manduca’s exciting story.

Going from theory to practice, Dean Sammut will highlight and suggest ways how to address common issues in the retail industry making life easier for business owners, employees and customers alike.

But what’s life without food? Healthy Malta are taking care of our office cravings, to ensure we have enough energy to get us through the day. Launching our very first issue in October, our readers will learn more about how to support employees going through breast cancer through our featured article in collaboration with Europa Donna, and back to our source of inspiration, Lara Camilleri from Konnekt will shed light upon the importance of human interaction in the workplace. In case reading does not resonate with you, we’ve got photos to capture your attention and others to get us into the Halloween mood.

If there is one thing I learnt so far throughout the process of this publication, is that being present in the moment is crucial for focus and to manage through busy schedules. So next time someone asks how’s life? I hope I would have had enough coffee, enough work, enough leisure time and can answer Life is on Point!


Lucille Cachia

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