I Do? I May

Lucille Cachia

22 May 2022

Life seems to be going well, you’ve been together for years, the significant other has been hinting to take the next step for quite a while now and all of a sudden you find yourself at the jewellery shop choosing the famous ring which will accompany you through the experience of asking one of the most difficult questions to ask – will you marry me? Four simple words. One simple question. Sounds easy right?

Goodness knows how many other questions had to be thought of, addressed and resolved before finding the guts to pop the question. Am I ready? Is this truly what I want? What if it doesn’t work? Is it worth it? Is it necessary? What if the answer is no? Understandably so, it is one big milestone in life which, as wonderful as it might sound, also carries a weight. What might be intriguing is how much of that weight does come along naturally with the experience? While thoughts come and go, the experiences we live through, remain. Given the influence thoughts have on our life experiences, may we have the courage to filter our thoughts from the unnecessary weight to truly make it a day to remember.

In this issue, we meet Anthea Vella who has taken this to a whole new level as she said yes to the dress. To help lessen the weight of choice, Life on Point has also reached out to Casino Maltese to tell us more about this special wedding venue. Choosing your spouse is crucial, but so is choosing your ideal software system as further elaborated upon in our Tech it Easy section. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, or perhaps even more. Sergio Morana captures what it feels like on this special day. Such a momentous day does not only bring joy for the couple but also for anyone who helps through with making the day a memorable one. Maria Camilleri from Pretty Little Headbands shares her experience as she is finding fulfillment through her venture. Last but not least, you cannot miss Dr Nicholas Briffa’s interview to unveil the power couple. Is it just a buzz-word? Or is there more to it?

Being the month synonymous with weddings, may we say yes to all that matters, may we say no to the extra weight, and may we do so this May and always.


Lucille Cachia

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