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31 October 2021

To begin with, unified commerce refers to a centralized system combining customer relationship management, e-commerce and EPoS. This system facilitates a coherent customer experience enabling a single view of the customer which is salient to provide a personalized customer experience across all platforms. Apart from increasing efficiency, it also nurtures customer relationships and fosters retainment.

Brand Loyality and eCommerce

Loyalty lies at the very heart of unified commerce. One might wonder what loyalty has to do with the clients' shopping experience and why its role is crucial for a seamless shopping experience. Almost every retailer has a loyalty program, and most are based on points and rewards. The problem is that people are unaware of their points balance. A report issued by Bond Brand Loyalty estimated that 100 billion dollars worth of points are left unredeemed each year. A seamless shopping experience can only be delivered if the retailer gets it right. Loyalty can no longer be about points and rewards only. What people are after is to be personally recognized and feel special; in other words, feel loved. As the Beatles say, “Money can’t buy you love” and therefore loyalty is a relationship and not just a scheme. We need to change our thinking the other way round and ask how we can be loyal to our customers. This will create a loyalty of a different kind, where the customer wants to share their personal information so that we can get a chance to provide him a chance to the seamless shopping experience he desires.

As a retailer you want to show your customers that you are loyal to them, and they are loved and appreciated by you. But first they must experience it, and this is shown in all the different research being done within retail. So, how can a retailer achieve these goals? Not by having separate best-of-breed systems each having their own data base. Not by choosing between digital or physical. But by choosing unified commerce. This is key to LS Retail, a system which centralizes and unifies all the customer information into one place - one database. LS Retail is the customer data platform that allows you to know your customers and with advanced analytics, know what they like and when. When combining all these features together which LS Retail provides, the retailer will be able to provide a loyal service leaving his customers feel recognized, special, and loved.

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