Most wonderful time of the year?

Lucille Cachia

19 December 2021

One of the best feelings about this time of the year is returning home aer a long cold day, and as you wonder whether it’s coffee or tea, the warm fruity smell of mulled wine reaches your nostrils instantly upping up your options, making your choice easier. With a smile on your face you sit on the couch, pour yourself a warm cup and indulge in the goodness of chocolatey treats, because calories don’t count during Christmas time do they? It’s my yearly wishful thinking as this warm sentimental feeling is also accompanied by decorations to set in place, deadlines to meet, events to attend, resolutions to accomplish (before the year ends), and obviously shopping!

One of the joys of shopping during Christmas time is actually living through the experience of decorated, lighted up stores. In this issue, we reached out to RAICO for suggestions to keep in mind before opening a retail shop to keep everything light and bright. In our tech-it easy section, Stephen Abela will try to ease the headaches yearly stock-taking brings with it. If stock-taking doesn’t give you headaches, but choosing what to wear does, don’t miss out on Fiona Vella’s interview including tips about what’s in fashion during this festive season. In case you prefer the comfort of your home, you can still wine and dine as Vinotyp will have you covered. Indoors or outdoors, Deborah Debono’s photography will evoke the festive vibes capturing the spirit. But if you’re still caught up with work and you’re finding this time anything but wonderful, why not reach out to Santa for help? Yes… We Asked. Santa Answered.

In the end, thinking and reality seem to meet somewhere in between wondering what shall I wear, shopping, errands, meeting up at events and savoring food which truly make each moment feel like it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. What makes it wonderful perhaps does not necessarily lie in the festivity of this season but in the ability to slow down and live through each moment with gratitude, compassion and contentment.

On behalf of the team of Life on Point, I wish you all the very best throughout this season and always!

Lucille Cachia

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