Retail Therapy?

Lucille Cachia

14 November 2021

You’re having a long day and as you wander off in thoughts about how lovely it would be to walk out in the sun, have a drink to catch up with friends or perhaps going shopping, a lovely advert of that dream dress you’ve been dying to wear, or of that latest phone you’ve been eagerly waiting to launch in the market, pops by… and just like that, you couldn’t go shopping but shopping has come to you! Why not? Don’t you deserve a little treat after all? Enough self-talk, add to cart, check-out and it’s done! All of a sudden a nice smile shows up knowing you’ll soon find your item at the comfort of your home, stress free and no hassle. Such a sweet feeling!

I am so guilty as charged of the above and as much as I still enjoy going to a shopping complex, online shopping has become a need in my daily life. I’m sure I am not the only one, and that’s why our tech expert Dean Sammut will walk us through the concept of unified commerce. Apart from being a necessity, online shopping can also contribute to a more sustainable environment as customers do not need to drive by different shops until they fulfil their needs. Yet again, sustainability is a lifestyle and can be endorsed on every level, also in retail shops as very well explained by Ing. Abigail Cutajar, in her article about sustainability as the new way of doing business. If you’re a shop owner, you also don’t want to miss Kurt Mizzi’s article as he shares marketing tips for retail to enhance customer reach.

In case you’ve done your shopping, and you’re finding yourself wondering where to take a stroll, Mario Borg’s photos which capture the beauty of the island’s natural environment, might inspire you to visit. And what’s a walk without a nibble? Healthy Malta got you covered once again with one of their mouthwatering healthy snacks. Speaking of health, we couldn’t miss out on men’s health awareness during the month of November as Dr Daryl Xuereb will elaborate on prostate care and cancer prevention.

Now that shopping has come to me, I had a long day and I managed to squeeze a short walk in the sun in between an errand and another, it’s time to finally catch up with friends. Cheers to a life on point!

Lucille Cachia

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