We are as free as our mind lets us to be.

Lucille Cachia

23 January 2022

As the first few days of the year start to unfold, so do our hopes… and our fears. Possibly springing off from the uncertain times we inevitably are living through or from life happenings and experiences which we feel we have little to no control over. If we have to be true to ourselves, we all have fears to face. Fear is naturally a survival instinct but it can also be the source of unnecessary anxiety. What can we do? How can we address fear? No matter the circumstances, there are some things which can help us align ourselves and overcome our fears, one at a time.

1. Take care of your body. And it will take care of you. Addressing fears entails a strong state of being and exercise provides a solid foundation. Start off the Year on the right foot with Run_Shoe_Bible.

2. Keep your emotions in touch. Emotions are often regarded as weakness especially at the work environment. Yet, emotions are the essence of life. If not… why are we inspired and soothed by art for instance? Give space to your emotions with Date Art Café.

3. Make memories. It’s the little big moments of life that matter the most and which keep us going. It’s that photo we set as our wallpaper to take us to a happy or safe place – at least in thought. Make your memories scented with Melt It.

4. Adapt to change. Change is often accompanied with a fear of the unknow. Equipping ourselves with the information we need will not only help us accept change but also embrace it as we swiftly adapt to new needs and requirements. Our Tech it Easy Section addresses the shift to the digitalisation of the warehouse.

5. Welcome new beginnings. Mindset and perspective expose us to life experiences which we can only accomplish with a receptive approach. Ian Farrugia brings new beginnings to life through his long exposure photography.

6. Celebrate your success. Sometimes success is closing an exceptional deal. Other times success is being able to make it through the day. We are all human and no matter how little our success might look, it’s important to acknowledge it particularly to serve as a reminder of our abilities on rough days. Our success story this month celebrates Markus Behmann.

7. Reach out for help. We learn through experience yet time is limited to be able to experience all we need to know. Don’t shy away from reaching out for support and start right. Applying this to the business realm, CMG Consulta assist startups start right, right from the start.

May our hopes be stronger than our fears as we welcome new beginnings.


Lucille Cachia

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