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18 May 2022

Being one of the most sought after venues, Life on Point reached out to Louise Cutajar, Committee Member of Casino Maltese, to learn more about the venue, the social club and why is it the place to be, to make your event a truly special one.

Why should couples consider the Casino Maltese as a wedding venue? Is it for everyone?

The Casino Maltese is an exclusive, unique building. It is a Members only club , but we do open it up for exclusive events . If a couple are looking for a venue in Valletta which is beautifully designed and has a choice of spaces as well as being able to offer fabulous catering, then the Casino Maltese is your venue. The large entrance hall leads to a majestic staircase that branches off into two. The spacious landing on the first floor leads to the two main reception areas: The Ballroom and the President’s Room. Beyond the Ballroom lie the Dining Room, overlooking St George’s Square and the smaller Princess Room so named after the visit to the club of Queen Elizabeth II when she was still a princess.

Casino Maltese has contracted Corinthia Caterers who offer high end catering for all our larger events, including Weddings. If you are looking for a Venue that has Timeless elegance, then this is your venue.

Being a such a special day, it is natural for the couple to want to make the day a memorable one by doing something different. What was the most interesting or curious request you had while hosting a wedding?

Casino Maltese ensures that all weddings are memorable. The Venue itself is beautiful but more than that, the Casino Maltese team do their best to ensure that the couple feel an emotional connection, for their special day. There have been many special requests and if possible, we do our best to ensure that the couple’s wishes do come true.

The hospitality industry can be quite stressful, especially when being trusted with hosting an important milestone in the couple’s life such as weddings. What are the main challenges encountered and how do you address them to ensure service excellence?

It is important to understand that a Wedding is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. Casino Maltese and the Corinthia Caterers, are there to support and help the couple with all the pre planning, in order to ensure that the couple feel comfortable. This includes, quick and fast replies and listening to their needs, so that the look and feel of the venue as well as the menu are exactly what the couple want. Food tasting gatherings are planned to ensure this. Ultimately, both the couple and the Casino Maltese must be on the same page.

The Casino Maltese is more than just a wedding venue. Dating back to the Knights of Malta, it has a rich history of development and change through which it maintained its purpose. We would love to share more about the club with our readers. What is the aim of the club today and who can join?

The exclusive Casino Maltese has hosted royalty and prominent personalities in this historic building that the Club has transformed into a truly outstanding venue.

Today the club, proud of its esteemed history, is ensuring that it moves with the times. There is a new committee with younger members, including two women, and we are working on an exciting events programme including musical events, cultural talks and an evening programme that appeals to people of all ages including the younger generation. We are soon opening our new bar area too, whilst welcoming a group of new members. Older Members are active in proposing new interested applicants.

The City of Valletta is exciting and happening and the Casino Maltese is the place to choose for your Special day or Special event.



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