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What can a Chihuahua teach your boss?

Lucille Cachia

12 April 2022

First of all, this little guy deserves an introduction. His name is Buddy but he’s also known as Little Buds. He passionately lives up to his name in every way for there is no more loyal companion than this little big hearted loving creature. He’s a COVID “baby”, loves munching on mouth-watering pork-chops or a healthy bite of fruit and nuts (…yes he’s not the typical dog which makes him more pawrecious). His interests vary from chasing after anything that moves (his own tail included), keeping a keen eye on the households’ happenings and obviously cuddling and snuggling like a pro.

But if you think that’s all he thinks of, you might be surprised to learn otherwise. Recently while I was eating, Little Buds came beside me kindly requesting a bite. Needless to mention his request was accompanied by an “I’m gonna make a request you can’t refuse” puppy eye look, (Oh yes, he knows his ways!). I immediately paused my meal and grabbed one of his favourite biscuits. As soon as I handed it to him, he gratefully held it in his tiny mouth and went along his way. It took him less than a minute to come back to my side with the exact same demanding look on his face requesting another one. Unfortunately, it was the last one we had as I had to do the shopping on the same day. Not wanting to break the little heart of his, because really… how can you? I attempted to give him a strawberry (the occasional snack he usually likes), which he sniffed and ignored. Regretfully I had to explain I didn’t have any biscuits left (…it’s either my teacher instinct taking over, or my almost denial of understanding he can’t possibly ever answer me back BUT… I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of speaking to my dog). Back to the biscuit, he waited for a short while in hope to get another one, then when he understood there was no more, he swiftly went to his hideout (or rather one of his many around the house), and back he came with his biscuit, put it in between his tiny paws and started munching on it. It might look trivial and you might be wondering, so what’s the big deal?

To begin with, and state the obvious, food matters! If a chihuahua is dead serious about his food, can you imagine how serious people can be about theirs? Particularly if they happen to be paying for the service. If you happen to work in the hospitality industry, you are surely familiar with all the client demands and requests which at times might be overwhelming to cope with. If you can relate, you might want to tag your boss and let our loving chihuahua teach the lesson! Let’s get down to business.


1. Resource Management

Somewhere in between one tiny ear and another of his, he was able enough to think ahead and his gesture was what we would call resource management in the business realm. His intentions were to keep the biscuit in his inventory to secure efficient use of resources when needed. While Buddy’s inventory is a humble one, restaurants have more than one biscuit in the inventory which is why a software solution is not a luxury but a necessity.

2. Save Time

In his attempt to get another biscuit, it took some time to confirm there is truly no more. Timing is salient in hospitality. Imagine yourself on a busy lunch hour, do you really afford to slow the process of service to check on what’s still available? Why waste precious time when this function can easily be automated through the system?

3. Deliver client’s requests

A biscuit was what he wanted and a strawberry wouldn’t do! Foodies know the struggle of dealing with a craving for that scrumptious favourite bite. Customer retainment is all about customer satisfaction and knowing their wants and needs whether it is dietary requirements, food allergies or seating preferences, which can only add to the experience as well as the possibility of keeping them coming.

4. Never run out of stock

It felt awful to break that little heart of his as I regretfully explained there were no more biscuits left. Beat the fear of failing to meet client’s needs and avoid embarrassing situations by keeping track of shelf life and stock taking. LS Retail ensures you’re never missing anything from your menu. While ensuring a sense of consistency it also enables an efficient and smooth service to the customers.

5. Increase Focus

If you can afford to eat with no interruptions, enjoy the luxury - pet owners know! If there’s food there’s going to be Little Buds around, and if there’s food, he’s not going to let anything come in between! As I tend to his requests, I often need to stop from my doings - even if it is a trivial issue such as explaining there are no more biscuits left (oh the things you do for love!). But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case in an industry scenario. By having a real-time front to back-end system, LS Retail ensures that such occurrences do not interrupt your doings while it deals with what needs to be dealt with.

6. I’m gonna make a request you can’t refuse”

The client is always right - or so they say. The question is, why can’t the restauranteur get it always right in the first place? Through the use of AI, LS Retail helps anticipate, address and avoid common occurrences and needs. Not only ensuring service excellence, but also equipping the restauranteur with an all encompassing system catering for all the steps throughout the customer experience.

7. Serving Customers Like a Boss

There’s so much more behind his innocent looking little doings, which dare I say, could almost be considered as acts of wisdom. If any of the above resonates with your restaurant experience, Little Buds might have helped unveil some salient issues in the industry. He might be small but he’s the boss!

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