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Microfinancing and Leasing Solution

A Centralised Smart Solution for Car Leasing companies

On Point is focused on creating a solution that can handle millions of transactions every day, that saves significant amounts of time and automates the processing of individual daily agendas in the field of financial services and leasing. This is the origin of our solution called OneCore.

We have dedicated a great deal of time to analysing processes in the field of financial services and leasing to achieve a single goal – accelerate demanding daily transactions in the field.

Thanks to OneCore, processes that used to take days can be finished within minutes. And that is the key – to save you time so that you can spend it on things that truly matter.

Within a short time since the creation of OneCore, the solution has already received certification from Microsoft, which serves as a testament to its extraordinary capabilities.

  • Automated Processes

  • Full conformity with all local legislative requirements​

  • Fast implementation of the solution within a few hours

  • Regular updates that will make sure your system always keeps up with the latest trends

  • User-based client environment – all information in one place

OneCore Solution

OneCore solution consists of product management and transacting modules that powers both pre-agreement and post-activation processes. The ease of customization, coupled with core ERP capabilities in a single global solution, promotes rapid time-to-value presenting significant cost advantages for your business. OneCore can accommodate several forms of financial agreements including

  • Secured and Unsecured Lending

  • Instalment Sales, Financial Leasing

  • Operating Leasing

  • Fleet Management

  • Wholesale / Floorplan Financing

  • Real Estate Financing


One-Core Features

Easy Integrations

Strong integration with Office 365, easy export data to Microsoft Excel

Instant Insights

Online customer and contract statistics

User-friendly Software

Easy to use with step-by-step wizards

Lifecycle Management

Secure Support

Microsoft Support for local legislation and regulations


Online overview of the finance portfolio

Role tailored Spaces

All information in one place

Complete Financial Products

(loans, leases, fleet etc.)

Use on any device

Optimized for multiple devices - PC, tablet, mobile

Never miss payments

Calendars with tailor-made customer modelling

One Integrated System

Legal support and on-line data processing

Loans Express

OneCore Loans Express is designed specifically to cover all the needs of small and medium-sized credit companies in automotive, property, or leasing services and loans.


Thanks to extremely quick and easy implementation and setup, you can start working on your project within a few hours with all the functionalities and processes you need to manage customer accounts, from gaining new customers to providing services to clients within a contract.

Car Park

Modern and always online

Loans Express offers online integration into accounting and banking systems, financial portfolio overview and customers contracts statistics. OneCore Loans Express saves you time and money with zero equipment costs and a thorough knowledge of your business environment.

Easy extensibility of functions based on the needs and growth of your micro-financing company​​

4 OneCore Packages


Learn more which package is best for your business

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