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Reporting Webinar

Planning & Budgeting in PowerBI using Aimplan

Thursday 7th December 2023

 1:00pm UTC



Why You Should Attend

In the fast-paced world of data analytics, staying ahead of the curve is essential for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and excel in their careers. The online webinar titled "Planning & Budgeting in PowerBI using Aimplan" presents a unique opportunity for individuals to delve into the intricacies of PowerBI, a powerful business intelligence tool, and master the art of effective planning and budgeting. With Aimplan, a cutting-edge solution integrated into PowerBI, participants will gain insights into a streamlined approach to budget creation, forecasting, and decision-making, revolutionising the way they handle financial data.


If you are a manager or a decision-making executive, you cannot miss this webinar as it will truly help you enhance your decision-making approach within your organisation. 



Abdulazeez Abdullah

Team Lead Data Analytics & Reporting | onpoint Ltd

Abdullah is a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst with a passion for data-driven decision-making, a strong analytical mindset and a knack for problem-solving. His proficiency includes data collection and analysis, querying databases, data visualization, and data clean-up, among others. What sets Abdullah apart is his ability to not only crunch numbers but also to communicate insights effectively through presentations, technical reports, and non-technical reports. Abdullah's skills set extends beyond technical prowess.

Key Takeaways

Automation Benefits: Understanding how AIIMPLAN automates certain aspects of the planning and budgeting process, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Scenario Planning: Gaining insights into how AIIMPLAN supports scenario planning, allowing you to model different business scenarios and assess their impact on budgets.

Collaborative Planning: Learning about collaborative features that facilitate communication and coordination among different departments or teams involved in the planning process.

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