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Global Climate Change - Putting Words Into Action

Amidst the coronavirus, the only thing which seems to breathe a sigh of relief is planet Earth.  Mother nature has finally taken back control of itself. The photos doing the rounds on social media of animals freely roaming the cities and the dolphins swimming next to our shores are an important confirmation of this.  But the most important question we need to ask is how are we to maintain these results, post-pandemic. 

Easier said than done especially if the vast majority of us would love to go back to the old routine which is not exactly the optimal solution for our long-term well-being.  The sudden break from our activities has for some been regarded as a curse but for many others a wake-up call, a blessing in disguise.  Needless to say that in no way are we hoping that the discussions will reach a conclusion but what we are hoping for is that the momentum gained in the past weeks is maintained.  We need to keep looking for a balance.  Do we really need a pandemic to take better care of our earth?


With this thought, digital innovation can actually contribute to the green cause.  At the end of the day, there's no doubt that the benefits of innovative and environment-friendly solutions surrounding us can be more than beneficial.

As a first step, we have started off with Atlassian Software itself. The Australian company is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by not later than 2050.  As a first milestone, it aims at running its entire operations on renewable energy by 2025.  It's certainly living up to its core value: “Be the change you seek.” When considering the huge footprint of this giant tech company, it's a very challenging objective and at the same time, it throws back to us the challenge to rise up to the occasion. 

Some factors that contribute to the environment through ICT;

  • Reducing Traffic, Air & Noise Pollution

  • Reducing Use of Paper

  • Improving Energy Efficiency at the workplace

  • Improving Data Management Centres

On Point, as a young dynamic company, is able to implement changes quickly but with limited budgets, we always try to understand what is achievable from our side.  This is a journey which is not limited to us, but also to our customer/supplier.  We are very aware that not all entities have the same resources as Atlassian, Microsoft or other large firms.  And yet we believe that if we had to start off with the products themselves we will surely bring around some important changes which will ultimately contribute to our goal:  Enjoying a greener world

In the coming blogs and podcasts, we'll be exploring the green benefits achieved by using our products to the full and re-aligning our process. And in the meantime, any suggestions and opinions are more than welcome, and we encourage you to email us on  with any initiative which your company is undertaking to help mother Earth. 

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