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onpoint Hosts Inaugural ITSM Connect Lagos, Fostering Excellence in IT Service Management

ITSM Connect Speakers
From L-R: Sales & Business Development Lead onpoint; Katakyie Kojo Desu, Lead IT Delivery Manager Interswitch; Grace Akinsola, MD/CEO Norlics Nigeria Limited; Okolie Lazarus, Country Manager onpoint Nigeria; Maureen Ogah, President CIO Club Africa; Oluwaseun Solanke, Convener & Founder, CIO Awards Africa and CIO Club Africa; Abiola Laseinde, Head IT AKU; Oloruntobi Olukoya, Lead IT Service Manager Interswitch; Motolani Oyinloye at ITSM Connect

onpoint, a leading provider of cutting-edge IT solutions and Atlassian Gold Service Partner, successfully hosted the inaugural edition of the ITSM Connect Lagos event on Friday, October 6, 2023. This one-day exclusive event was designed for IT leaders to engage, learn, network, share insights and best practices on IT Service Management (ITSM), Cloud, and DevOps.

The event, held at Sigmabase Lagos, Nigeria, attracted top IT professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts who engaged in intellectually stimulating discussions on the ever-evolving IT landscape. The distinguished lineup of speakers who shared their valuable perspectives and insights included: Abiola Laseinde; as the event's Keynote Speaker, Grace Akinsola and Motolani Oyinloye as moderators and Ebenezer Ahisu, Okolie Lazarus, Oloruntobi Olukoya, Katakyie Kojo Desu, Oluwaseun Solanke, Vivian Otuekong, Taiwo Ojo & Abdullah Abdulazeez as panelists.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Maureen Ogah, Country Manager, Nigeria - onpoint Africa. Her address underscored the significance of a customer-centric IT approach in IT Service Management, emphasising the pivotal role of end-users in IT service delivery. Maureen introduced the "Atlassian way" as the best approach to deliver and manage IT services, culminating in the unveiling of onpoint's irresistible offer, the "Free 60-minute system audit" on an organisation's Jira instance.

ITSM Event
Country Manager onpoint Nigeria; Maureen Ogah, delivering the welcome speech

The keynote address was delivered by Convener & Founder, CIO Awards Africa and CIO Club Africa; Abiola Laseinde. Speaking about Digital Transformation as an Enabler of Business Growth and Expansion, she emphasised that embracing digital transformation catalyses business growth. According to Abiola, digital technologies support organisations in their digital transformation journeys by providing the technological foundation, data-driven insights, security measures, and strategic approaches necessary to stay competitive and innovative in the digital age.

ITSM Connect Lagos
Convener & Founder, CIO Awards Africa and CIO Club Africa; Abiola Laseinde, delivering the keynote speech

The first panel, "Good and Bad Service Management," offered valuable insights for organisations seeking to enhance their service management practices. The panellists highlighted the importance of ITSM, identified common pitfalls, and provided practical advice and expert insights for achieving optimal service management. One of the crucial takeaways from this session was the realization that great service management is a journey and not a destination. Continuous improvement, staying adaptable are key principles that organizations must follow to stay ahead in the competitive IT landscape.

ITSM Connect Speakers
From L-R: Lead IT Service Manager Interswitch; Motolani Oyinloye, Head IT AKU; Oloruntobi Olukoya, Sales & Business Development Lead Onpoint, MD/CEO Norlics Nigeria Limited; Okolie Lazarus and COO Wragby Business Solutions &Technologies Ltd; Ebenezer Ahisu, on the Good and Bad Service Management Panel

The second panel, "Harnessing AI, Automation, and Analytics for Efficiency," delved into the benefits, challenges, and risks associated with AI, automation, and analytics in ITSM. The consensus was that embracing these technologies is crucial for staying competitive and meeting the evolving demands of the digital landscape. Attendees gained invaluable insights to inform their decisions on employing these technologies to enhance service management practices within their organisations.

ITSM Connect Lagos
From L-R: Lead IT Delivery Manager Interswitch; Grace Akinsola, IT Service Manager Ecobank; Vivian Otuekong, Team lead Data Analytics & Reporting onpoint; Abdullah Abdulazeez, President CIO Club Africa; Oluwaseun Solanke & CEO Alluvium; Taiwo Ojo on the Harnessing AI, Automation, and Analytics for Efficiency Panel

The panel discussions transitioned into technical demos and workshops, providing attendees with practical, hands-on experiences and knowledge-sharing opportunities. ITSM Connect Lagos was a much-needed breath of fresh air in the Nigerian IT Service Management landscape. Participants had thought-provoking conversations, networking opportunities, and discussions to keep them abreast of modern ITSM practices in a disruptive ecosystem.

ITSM Connect Lagos
An attendee during the question and answer section

onpoint remains dedicated to fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and promoting the growth of ITSM through impactful events like ITSM Connect. The first edition of ITSM Connect was held earlier this year in Accra, Ghana.

ITSM Connect Lagos
Staff of onpoint (Nigeria & Ghana)

For enquiries and additional information, please contact:

Maureen Ogah

Country Manager, onpoint (Nigeria)

About onpoint:

onpoint is a business software company focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business results. onpoint helps organisations of all sizes and industries achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve.

Our dynamic and vibrant team works with our clients to provide the best solutions by mapping out the company-specific needs and requirements to reduce operational costs, improve team efficiency and provide enhanced visibility into operations and IT service performance.

Our presence in seven countries - Nigeria, Ghana, Malta, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Serbia and Tunisia – enables us to provide our clients with "Glocal" perspectives and support. Our market-leading solutions are provided by our partnership with global giants like Microsoft, Atlassian and Jet Global.

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