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Pain Points Attachment Viewer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solves

"Just one second, let me find that file..." is an oft-muttered phrase around the office when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Document management eats up time, more so with the increasing reliance on digital collaboration.

We know that all-too-familiar feeling – digging through subfolders to find the right attachment version, opening documents just to preview them, or dealing with clunky navigation between files.

If you have nodded in frustration over document management headaches like these, then it's time to use an Attachment Management solution for Business Central. Users voiced their needs and we listened-the result is an Attachment viewer.

But before that, let's understand what are the key pain points with attachments that drain productivity daily.

3 Pain Points with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Frustration of Traditional Attachments

Every BC user knows the frustration of dealing with attachments. Whether it's sales invoices, job planning lines, or any document, the struggle remains the same.

You're forced to download files, clutter your storage, and waste precious time. Additionally, attachments are often lost or corrupted.

No Preview Makes Identifying Files Hard

Without attachment previews in Business Central, you're left guessing what's actually in each document based solely on the file name. Opening attachments just to check if it's the correct file or the latest version is inconvenient and disruptive to workflows.

Clunky Attachment Management Slows Processes

Uploading and navigating between attachments in Business Central can be surprisingly clunky for a modern ERP system. You find yourself having to click through numerous screens and menus just to view, download or share a simple file.

The fractured, fragmented attachment process forces you to jump through hoop after hoop merely to access and distribute files – an absurd reality for a cutting-edge platform.

What Is Attachment Viewer, and How Does It Solve Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Problems?

Attachment Viewer is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for some sections in many areas, such as Bank and Payments or Sales and Purchasing. You can the full list of sections you can use the add-on here.

This tool is crucial for any section since it allows users to easily add attachments, either by drag and drop or by choosing them from a folder. Moreover, attachments can be quickly viewed with the help of thumbnails, without having to download every attachment.

If you don’t get Attachment Viewer, what happens?

Missed Deadlines: Projects and transactions would frequently miss their deadlines due to the sluggish attachment handling process. Without smooth attachment workflows, projects derail, and transactions stand still.

Productivity Drain: Within your company, attachment management is a productivity drain. You and your colleagues spend excessive time managing attachments instead of focusing on value-added tasks. Time is drained from critical revenue-driving tasks.

Customer Impact: Customers suffer from delayed invoices, quotes, and shipments when you struggle to find the right attachment versions needed to complete transactions. You bear the brunt of the delays, sending apologetic calls instead of confirmations.

How Does Attachment Viewer Work?

The Attachment Viewer add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central works by providing users with a simple and efficient way to manage attachments for purchase invoices and cash documents.

  • Seamless Viewing: With Attachment Viewer, you can preview attachments without downloading them. No more wasting time on unnecessary downloads. Your workflow just got smoother.

  • Centralised Storage: All your attachments are stored in one convenient location. Navigate effortlessly between attachments, zoom in on content, and view complete documents without ever hitting that download button. You can even delete attachments with ease.

  • Better Job Management: Attachments can be added to Job Planning Lines, and when you create a Sales Invoice, it automatically includes attachments from corresponding Job Planning Lines.

  • Effortless Email Attachments: Include attachments from Posted Sales Invoices when using the "Send by Email" feature. It's a breeze with Attachment Viewer.

  • Zoom View: Additionally, users can zoom in on attachments using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + mouse wheel, and view the entire attachment by clicking on the icon situated to the right of the attachment icon.

Install the Attachment Viewer extension

In conclusion, Attachment Viewer is the solution you've been waiting for in your Microsoft BC journey. It eradicates attachment-related pain points, making your life easier and your tasks more efficient. No more downloads, no more clutter, just streamlined, intuitive attachment management. Say hello to the future of Microsoft BC with Attachment Viewer.

Don't let attachments slow you down. Upgrade your BC experience today!



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