Jet Reports

Jet Reports is made for mid-sized companies to offer advanced reporting across multiple data sources with automated consolidations, flexible report formatting capability, scheduling, collaboration, report version management, and a web portal to access your Dynamics NAV data anywhere.

Reporting Software


Start in Excel, stay in Excel. Our reporting software gives users a better, simpler and faster way to create reports and business queries using one of the most popular tools, Microsoft Excel and the data from your business software. Our solution delivers complete data access and control, from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Business Central to different (140+) ERP or accounting software.  Make decisions at the speed of business without the need for technical resources, or data expertise.  


See why more than 14,210 companies rely on such solutions for their business insight.

Rapid Time-to-Value

Jet Reports makes corporate business reporting quick and easy, all designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics. You will gain valuable insight from day one.

Accurate Business Reporting

Avoid discrepancies that can impact the bottom line. No more missing the deadlines. Create accurate reports that everyone can rely on to drive revenue up.

Easily Connect All Your Data

Jet Reports integrates with hundreds of solutions to easily bridge the data gap between your applications and simplify your solution deployment.

Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics is designed with pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing, and an intuitive design. By using the familiar Excel user interface,  It’s fast, easy and effective. Jet Analytics integrates with hundreds of solutions to easily bridge the data gap between your applications and simplify your solution deployments such as Sage, Salesforce and Google Analytics. 

Designed for users

Removes any need to understand the underlying data structure to design reports or dashboards in Excel and Power BI.

Accurate data you can rely on​

Governed data from any Microsoft Dynamics ERP and all your other data sources.

Rapid time-to-value

Turnkey installation in hours with pre-built cubes, a data warehouse, and dashboards.

Centralised Data

Bring all of your data together in one place to enable everyone in the organization to quickly and easily perform sophisticated business analysis in Excel or Power BI.

microsoft excel integration

no ERP, no problem

Jet Reports and Analytics integrate with Microsoft Excel too. We think that complete access to your data should be easy. 

Atlas Software

Access, Analyze, and Report

Start in Excel, Stay in Excel

Easily create and share real-time reports without relying on IT. Atlas connects live data from Microsoft Dynamics and other sources to give you the power to produce accurate financial and operational reports. From there, your finance team can quickly drill into journals, balances, and sub-ledgers directly in Excel.

Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations & Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Server


Connect all your data in Excel

Give business users all the information they need to make informed decisions. Spreadsheet Server connects to over 140 ERP systems so you can access your data securely from within Excel and create real-time financial and operational reports across all ERP modules.

Integrates with 140+ ERP / accounting software solutions

219,150+  Dynamics users

4,210+  companies

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