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How to create a fixed asset card and set depreciation..

Microsoft Business Central

The fixed asset card in Business Central provides information on the details of a fixed asset and how depreciation will be treated, and how the asset will be maintained. The create a fixed asset card, follow the steps below.

To create a fixed asset card:

STEP 1: Click on the search icon at the top right and type in “FIXED ASSET”. Select the related link.

STEP 2: A Fixed Asset page opens. On the Fixed Asset page Click on New.

STEP 3: On the Fixed Asset Card, fill in the relevant fields.


Description: This gives detailed information about the fixed asset. It usually includes the specific name of the fixed asset.

FA Class Code: This specifies the fixed asset class the asset belongs to.

FA Subclass Code: Under the fixed asset code, there are subcategories that give further information about a fixed asset, this field specifies which subcategory the fixed asset belongs to.

Depreciation Method: This will tell the procedure the business will use in calculating depreciation.

Depreciation Starting Date: This shows the specific beginning date that depreciation will be calculated for the fixed asset.

No. of Depreciation Years: This specifies the number of years of the fixed assets estimated useful lifespan.

Depreciation Ending Date: This specifies the date the calculation of depreciation for the fixed asset end.

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