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  • OneCore Software for Microfinance Banks | On Point - Malta

    Microfinancing and Leasing Solution GET IN TOUCH A Centralised Smart Solution for Car Leasing companies On Point is focused on creating a solution that can handle millions of transactions every day, that saves significant amounts of time and automates the processing of individual daily agendas in the field of financial services and leasing. This is the origin of our solution called OneCore. ​ We have dedicated a great deal of time to analysing processes in the field of financial services and leasing to achieve a single goal – accelerate demanding daily transactions in the field. ​ Thanks to OneCore, processes that used to take days can be finished within minutes. And that is the key – to save you time so that you can spend it on things that truly matter. ​ Within a short time since the creation of OneCore, the solution has already received certification from Microsoft, which serves as a testament to its extraordinary capabilities. ​ Automated Processes Full conformity with all local legislative requirements​ Fast implementation of the solution within a few hours Regular updates that will make sure your system always keeps up with the latest trends ​ User-based client environment – all information in one place OneCore Solution OneCore solution consists of product management and transacting modules that powers both pre-agreement and post-activation processes. The ease of customization, coupled with core ERP capabilities in a single global solution, promotes rapid time-to-value presenting significant cost advantages for your business. OneCore can accommodate several forms of financial agreements including ​ ​ Secured and Unsecured Lending Instalment Sales, Financial Leasing Operating Leasing Fleet Management Wholesale / Floorplan Financing Real Estate Financing ​ One-Core Features Easy Integrations Strong integration with Office 365, easy export data to Microsoft Excel Instant Insights Online customer and contract statistics User-friendly Software Easy to use with step-by-step wizards Lifecycle Management ​ Secure Support Microsoft Support for local legislation and regulations Finance Online overview of the finance portfolio Role tailored Spaces All information in one place Complete Financial Products (loans, leases, fleet etc.) Use on any device Optimized for multiple devices - PC, tablet, mobile Never miss payments Calendars with tailor-made customer modelling One Integrated System Legal support and on-line data processing OneCore Loans Express OneCore Loans Express is designed specifically to cover all the needs of small and medium-sized credit companies in automotive, property, or leasing services and loans. Thanks to extremely quick and easy implementation and setup, you can start working on your project within a few hours with all the functionalities and processes you need to manage customer accounts, from gaining new customers to providing services to clients within a contract. Modern and always online ​ Loans Express offers online integration into accounting and banking systems, financial portfolio overview and customers contracts statistics. OneCore Loans Express saves you time and money with zero equipment costs and a thorough knowledge of your business environment. Easy extensibility of functions based on the needs and growth of your micro-financing company​​ 4 OneCore Packages Learn more which package is best for yuour business GET IN TOUCH

  • Careers

    On Point Careers Microsoft Business Central Technical Functional Consultant Full Time LEARN MORE Senior Atlassian Developer/Java Developer Full Time LEARN MORE

  • LS Central - Unified POS sofware solutions for any industry

    LS Central Business Management Software and POS Systems for any business GET IN TOUCH A software solution for any channel and any customer ​ Whatever your retail industry, size or target market LS Retail meets your needs. Understanding the differences between varying business models, wholesale, distribution, retail, online, offline, marketplace, or any combination, enables us to provide you with the best solutions to cater for your demands and necessities. RETAILER ​ Apparel & Fashion Electronics Furniture Grocery Pet Stores Duty Free & Travel LEARN MORE HOSPITALITY ​ Hotels & Resorts Restaurants & Food Services LEARN MORE PHARMACY LEARN MORE Designed for your business Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions help retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses globally. ​ Many retailers use a different IT system for each part of their retail business. A sales solution, a separate ERP, a CRM software, Excel files to manage vendors, a software for inventory management… the result? Costly integrations, unclear data, lots of manual work, platforms that don t communicate properly, and no visibility on the customer journey. Traditional Retailers are doing it wrong ​ Meet LS Central, the SaaS unified commerce software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ​ LS Central is one retail system, replacing all the separate platforms you are using now. All data is stored in one central place, so you can keep track of your financials, sales, inventory, staff and revenue in real time, across your locations and channels. Say goodbye to uncontrolled costs, expensive upgrades, and integrations that break down. Why LS Retail? Unified commerce software solutions and POS Systems One centralized software system to manage front to back business activity. ​ Seamless customer experiences anytime, anywhere Provide an outstanding customer experience across all your sales channels to ensure their loyalty and keep them engaged in business. Innovative technology and meaningful data Be equipped with the innovative business software required to foresee rapidly changing consumer habits. The Stores Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer service and increase sales and loyalty. Our software solutions can help you: ​ Effectively manage your staff Having the right products in-store Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS Reduce stock-outs Sell more and more efficiently Reduce fraud and shrinkage Minimize staff training times Increase loyalty across the channels ​ The Chain Have complete stock control throughout your chain. All your products, prices offers and promotions can be centralized in one platform to cater across all locations and e-commerce. Our software solutions provides: ​ Control over your own locations and franchisees Stock insight and overview Central administration of products and process Cost-effective purchasing and replenishment Flexibility to add POS and deploy new stores Optimal allocation of items and products Performance measurements per locations Central management of campaigns, special offers and promotions. The CEO Grow your business in the most profitable direction by gaining total control. LS Retail will help you: ​ Earn control over your business Diminish risks through the procedures and KPIs driving the business reducing room for human error Administer and keep an eye on the whole value chain Expand your business into different industries and geographies Easily access and manage your business wherever you are through our cloud-enabled software solutions. Be proactive when facing change to gain a competitive advantage The CFO Grasp your business data to analyze it with one combined view of information. Acquire accurate insights regarding your whole operations, including stores, inventory and financial analysis. LS Software Solution grants: ​ Total visibility of all transaction from POS to accounting Stock management and control Store performance reports Sales reports and statistics Accounts management of payable and receivables Basket and profit & loss analysis Elaborate balance sheet analysis tools Reduced system management costs Don’t buy retail management software until you read this DOWNLOAD The eBook should start downloading shortly

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  • Are You a C.R.U.E.L.L.A.?

    If you’re an animal lover, just like me, the name Cruella De Vil might give you shivers and disgust. Synonym with puppies, fur coats and evilness, the name does indeed carry a reputation. Yet if you are into fashion, you simply cannot miss out on watching this movie. Yes, there were many moments of ‘Oh my God that’s so stylish!' and ‘I want that! I’m making that dress for my next party!' Who knows? Viewing just a few weeks ahead of the Malta Fashion Week, the movie might perhaps draw some inspiration to local influencers and attendees. But besides being engulfed by the ocean of jaw-dropping costumes, style, clothing construction and accessories, the movie is so much more than that. The back story of this villain takes us on a journey of wonder… What made her become so turpid to want to turn puppies into coats? Is she truly nothing more than the personification of evil? What lessons can we learn from her story? Is there a C.R.U.E.L.L.A. inside of us all? Let’s explore! Warning! - This article may contain spoilers. To begin with, we are a software company who would like to expose our solutions in style. Clarity is a value we hold at heart and we don't want to mislead you into thinking that this is a random fashion article falling from the sky, just like Cruella did in the very ending scene… don’t worry she survived (Oops #spoiler1) - BUT if you are into fashion, retail or simply reading out of curiosity, we promise it’s worth the read. You can call this piece of writing versatile I suppose? Isn’t it what fashion is all about after all? Let’s indulge without further ado and explore what C.R.U.E.L.L.A. stands for. Captivating Being an artist, Cruella is far more than the intoxicating and transgressive being she is perceived to be. Though she is no angel as she finds her way through life happenings, her delinquency also fuels her uncompromised and grandiose creativity. Sassy, witty and classy, Cruella doesn't miss a beat, dares to be different and make a statement. Resilient Having had a difficult past and a troubled childhood, Estella doesn’t leave a stone unturned (no pun intended) to unveil the truth about her past and keeps on thriving to follow her dreams. Though it’s not quite advisable to embrace all the fabulous drama, mannerisms and carefree attitude in real life, it is a good reminder of the importance of coming to terms with our past and take control of our future, by equipping ourselves with survival skills and coping structures while wearing a sassy outfit… cos why not? Ubiquitous Cruella is able to be all over the place. From the very core of the Baroness' secret safe up to the catwalk. Having the ability to be everywhere, she doesn’t let one opportunity lose her grasp. As the innocent-looking Estella is steadily evolving into Cruella, she makes the most out of both worlds and shapes her strategy against her main competitor (the Baroness), with all the available insights and resources at hand. This nurtured her revolutionary endeavours to help her succeed… yes she succeeds (and there goes #spoiler2). Moral of this part of the story? Knowledge is power…Be as present as you can be! Electric No. we’re not referring to the occasional power cut (for which by the way a backup system provided by one of our software solutions might turn out really handy 😉). Cruella’s life path from a homeless orphan roaming the streets of London to a fashion designer lavishly doing the catwalk with her head held high is anything but tranquil. What kept her going? How did she do it? It’s about working hard but also about working smart. Though perhaps not to such extremes, great successes do bring along hard work and struggles. It is not only imperative to choose our struggles but also to choose how and where to invest our working hours. Feeling overwhelmed with tedious jobs can leave little to no space for creativity. Cruella wasn’t meant to do any of the tedious jobs she had to, till she flourished. Focus on your strengths, walk the walk and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! Side note - she is an orphan, isn’t she? …this is too big to spoil so I won’t play around further with #spoiler3 Loaded If there is one scene in the movie which could be described as loaded it would definitely be the Garbage Truck scene. My Gosh!… does that skirt ever finish?!… well it does just about 40 feet later! It’s so extra in all the good senses and there is no better definition of expression through fashion. The scene is theatrical magnificence at its best, and one of the most defining moments of the storyline as Cruella literally embraces all that was being said about her in the media by wearing a tightly fit corset made out of newspapers. As the truck moves along, the everlasting skirt is exposed swinging loosely as she fled away. Making a strong statement, Cruella once again embarks on the advantage of the present moment to spring to her future and stay ahead of the game. Lucid It is pretty clear that right from the start, Cruella had no difficulty in expressing herself to get her message through. Being misunderstood and oftentimes a little bit out of the norm, doing so did not always work in her favour. As she channelled this urge to be remarkable through her designs, she earned a relevant voice and not only found but created her space of being, as she grew over her competing adversary with the support of her team and the right tools in place. Clear communication is an indispensable trait in all areas of life, be it for personal growth, developing relationships or business leadership. No need to be cruel to be kind, perhaps you just have to be clear! Authentic We cannot end this article without mentioning Cruella’s companion Buddy! Since she was a little girl, he was her true buddy indeed. Featuring throughout the whole movie, Buddy symbolizes more than the love and comfort a living furry creature can bring along. He’s her fellow and associate in all her doings. The one she confides to, not because he could provide too much of advice (obviously… oh if pets could speak!), but perhaps more because he represented her sense of authenticity - reminding her of her adventurous though turmoiled beginnings by being always there. He was a steady reference point who she could turn to in times of need and though it might not sound like much, it was also crucial to keep her going. In a fast-paced, competitive and hectic context, it is easy to lose sight of who we are. While heading towards our goals and pursuits, it is important to stay aligned with our true selves which ultimately shape our identity - whether on a personal or on a business level. We’re social beings, look for your buddy! So… are you a C.R.U.E.L.L.A.? Dare to be! As Cruella says, “A well-cut skirt is a lifesaver”, and so is a well-cut software solution for your fashion business. If you’re a retailer and looking for the best software solution to support the C.R.U.E.L.L.A. spirit of your business, reach out to us and we’ll help you through with taking your business activities to the next level. Learn more about LS Retail here. Bonus - Top eight costumes of Cruella ✋🏼✌🏼 1. The Motorcycle Look 2. The Leather Skirt Suit 3. The Red Flame Dress 4. The Charity Gala Frock 5. The Garbage Truck Dress 6. The Butterfly Dress 7. The Petal Dress 8. The Dog Coat Which was your favourite outfit? Tell us in the comments section below! Disclaimer - no animal, puppy, or lovely furry creature has been hurt in the process of writing this article, but if you happen to have a pet store, we might have a software solution for you too! All photos used within this article are property of Disney.

  • Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SAAS is better?

    Many more companies are resorting to Business Central in the cloud rather than the on-premise version. Why is this so? And would this option be more suitable for you too? We did our best to address these questions and trust you'll find your answer below. How is the cloud version different from on-premise? For the on-premise version, the system is installed on your own server. If you do not have your own server, you can use hosting, where the server is rented to you by an ERP system provider or a hosting data centre, etc. In the cloud version, the ERP system runs on a Microsoft structure and your data is stored and replicated in its data centres. This does not in any way undermine the value of the on-premise version. Yet it is also our responsibility to inform about the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and recommend where it is deemed advantageous. The cloud version is increasingly gaining popularity and as a result, Microsoft itself is investing more efforts to continuously optimize and improve for the benefit of the esteemed users. Without further ado, let's dive into the 5 main benefits we consider essential and which you cannot miss out on. 1. Significant money savings The cloud version is more cost-effective as you only pay a monthly license fee. To complement this, you don't need your own server and neither do you have the need to invest in hosting, which frequently adds up expenses. Microsoft automatically upgrades to the latest version at no extra payment. In liaison with your provider, you only upgrade your customized features, and this brings us to our next crucial point. 2. Seamless Upgrade without worries In the previous benefit mentioned, one important word appeared - AUTOMATIC. If you choose the cloud version of Business Central, you don't have to worry about practically anything and your system will always be up to date. Microsoft will contact your ISP before each upgrade to let them know that system updates are knocking on the door. By that date, the provider will prepare for the upgrade of all the customizations that you have tailored to you, with Microsoft taking care of the rest. However, with the on-premise version, the situation is fundamentally different. There are no automatic updates, and you're still working with the version of the system you purchased. If you decide to upgrade to the latest version over time, it's likely that the system has gone through several new versions in the meantime. Your provider then has two options: It will gradually update from one version to the next until it is worked on to the latest one. Updating the on-premise version is like climbing stairs. If you want to get to the top of the latest version of Business Central, you can't jump - you need to climb the stairs, which are the main versions of the system. Time and money are indispensable. If you have a very old version of the system, such as NAV 2009 R2, 3 numerous upgrades will need to be gone through to lead you to the latest version of Business Central, which can take hundreds of hours of work. If your system is only one version behind, the upgrade can only take a few hours. The second option is not to upgrade and instead implement a new Business Central to migrate data from the old system. This pays off especially with really old versions of Navision. 3. Works great with cloud tools In the cloud version, you will enjoy working with other cloud tools, such as Office 365. Did you know that you can create a quote or order directly from the new e-mail window, post and send an invoice, or save contacts to Business Central? The Excel add-in will also save you a lot of time thanks to the possibility of bulk editing and automatic copying of changes to the ERP system You also have access to Power BI reporting under the license and that's not all! 4. A variety of free extensions Business Central has its own store, where you can get applications and extensions for it - App-Source. Just browse in it and choose how you can improve your Business Central. Various extensions are free and you can implement them yourself. It is enough for the user to have the appropriate permissions. And what about the on-premise version? You can get extensions here too, but the path is slightly more thorny. You need to contact the provider of the extension and, after obtaining the source code, it will be implemented by your Business Central provider. 5. Data safety As we have already mentioned, with the cloud version, your ERP system runs on a Microsoft structure. What does this mean in practice for the security of your data? Should the Microsoft data centre burn out, your data will be backed up in several other centres and you will not lose it. The local server (for the on-premise version) is much more vulnerable and risky in this respect. If something happens to him and you have no backups anywhere, you will lose your data. Do you want to get even more acquainted with the ERP system itself? Reach out and get in touch with us!

  • Automate B2B Payments within your Business Central/NAV ERP using Fastlink by Apcopay

    APCOPAY and ON POINT LTD are proud to announce the release of a new plugin for Business Central users facilitating Business to Business payments through major credit card brands as well as open banking solutions readily available. The BUSINESS CENTRAL-APCOPAY plugin automatically creates and embeds payment links inside invoices through which payment receivables can be automated more efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, saves time and energy as it cuts through chasing and reconciling payments, freeing up additional cash flow Daniel Buttigieg, Chief Commercial Officer at APCOPAY said “We are pleased to partner with On Point Ltd, to provide more innovative solutions to the B2B ERP market segments through our Fastlink solution. This will assist corporate clients to focus more on their business whilst providing an easier means to get paid instantly, and securely through debit/credit cards.” Stephen Abela, Managing Director at On Point ltd. said, “The client is always our priority, and keeping that as one of the main drivers to pursue service excellence, we are proud to introduce innovative features to facilitate payments, through Apcopay. Stephen additionally remarks how, with the help of Apcopay’s technology, Business Central users are now able to send and receive payments directly from their ERP software, ensuring fast, secure and efficient payments. “The convenience and practicality, when using Fastlink for Business Central/NAV, is the ability to securely settle B2B payments locally and globally, with a single click of a button.” Fastlink for Business Central is a very straightforward process implemented by Apcopay and On Point Ltd. to Microsoft’s ERP/accounting software. How does Fastlink work? Automated payment links are generated and personalized with respective business information, such as payment information and the invoice amount. Such links are automatically sent directly from Business Central ERP Solution via an email with a simple click of a button. Once sent to businesses, B2B payments can be securely settled via your internet browser where a hosted payment page is displayed, allowing companies to pay their invoices using the preferred payment means.

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