Why Attachment Viewer?

Save time

Users can now view all attachments without downloading them, which saves time and increases productivity.

No more cluttered downloads

Upload and view attachments without downloading. Save time, memory and increase overall productivity.

Centralise supporting documents and invoices

Organise your Business Central ERP solution and centralise purchase invoices and cash documents.

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Easy Drag & Drop

Invoices and scans can be easily attached in Business Central using drag and drop or by selection of a document from specific folder in PC. Supporting attachments can be added to the main document file so everything is in one place.

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Quick View

Get a glance of attachments without wasting time opening the documents in order to see the right invoices.

 Move between particular attachments, zoom in content or even view the whole document without downloading it. It is also possible to delete one or all added attachments, if it is needed.

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