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Cash Flow
by Currency

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Manage your Cash Flow Forecasts in multiple currencies effortlessly with Cash Flow by Currency

Why Cash Flow by Currency?

Stay ahead with up-to-date trends in your preferred categories like Liquid Funds, Receivables, Payables,
and more.

Effortlessly toggle between your forecast currency
and local currency, observing
real-time changes in statistics.

Keep track of your income
and expenses and leverage this detailed information for making sound business decisions.

Finanční analytik

Experience Financial Control

With Cash Flow by Currency, you can effortlessly create regular reports based on income
and expenditure, providing you with a clear view
of your company's financial health. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and take charge of your financial future.

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Tailored Cash Flow Management

Within Business Central, effective cash flow planning is achieved through Cash Flow Forecasts. Whether in different currencies
or based on diverse terms, you can create various plans, including contractual payment terms and cash flow terms.
This unmatched flexibility empowers you
to manage your cash flow comprehensively and tailor it to your precise needs.

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Want to know more?
In the ebook, we describe each function in detail.

Our consultant
will answer every question

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