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Document Capture

Manage accounts payable processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Reduce your manual tasks & eliminate errors

Accounting teams dealing with Accounts Payable often grapple with time-consuming and frustrating challenges such as registration errors and disrupted workflows. Even minor mistakes in the intricate tasks involved can result in significant and occasionally severe consequences.

Whether you're engaged in data entry, posting, or retrieval, Continia Document Capture serves as an AP automation solution designed to simplify the entire manual invoice processing journey. With Document Capture handling these tasks, you can confidently focus on your work while enjoying a streamlined and efficient process.

Set your team up for success

Add value to your workday with Document Capture and set your team up for success! Our document capture solution is the best Accounts Payable automation software to help you optimize your business processes efficiently, saving you plenty of time and ensuring you can get home on time.


Benefits of Continia Document Capture

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Data Capture

Eliminate tedious and repetitive manual data entry with Document Capture’s intelligent OCR. The software reduces errors and saves you time by recognizing text and placing it in the correct fields in your Business Central.


Order Matching

Cut down on your confusion, avoid errors, and ensure consistency with Document Capture's automatic three-way matching. Lean back, take it easy and let the software automatically approve invoices within the variance you allow.

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Approval Workflow

Chasing down colleagues to approve invoices is a thing of the past. Document Capture provides you with automated workflows, cutting down on approval waiting times. You can review and approve electronic documents – wherever you are.


Purchase Contracts

Don't pay for unused subscriptions; ensure you only get involved for what you purchased. With Document Capture, you can ensure correct invoicing, get a clear overview of all your contracts and save time managing them.

Why Continia Document Capture?

Continia's unique document management tool streamlines and automates the tedious process of document registration, effortlessly analyzing invoices and other documents to extract and scan data automatically. Particularly essential for Business Central users, Continia Document Capture is a must-have. Tailored for seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central, it stands as an effective document management solution that no Business Central user can afford to overlook.


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