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Adding a Date Filter in the Chart of Accounts in NAV

This document is a quick reference guide about setting date filters in the Chart of Accounts.

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Path to acces

[Company]/Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger/Chart of Accounts. You may also use the Search Box.

Adding Date Filters

Toggling Limit totals

  • In the Chart of Accounts page click the title and press Ctrl + Shift + F3

  • The Limit Totals to: pane will be displayed

Date Filter Setup

  • In the Limit totals to: pane click Add Filter.

  • A Where condition will be displayed with a default menu item set to Budget Filter. Click on the menu item and select Date Filter.

  • Enter a date or a date range in the Enter a value box and press enter. The values illustrated in this document are relevant to a demo NAV installation using the Cronus scenario.

Understanding the effect of Date Filters

Through standard NAV filtering tools, the user may obtain various types of information. When applied to Date Filters in the Chart of Accounts, one can at once, get a better view of the financial position for all the GL Account list. Furthermore, one can get 3 different interpretations by applying the same filter, as it directly affects the Net Change and the Balance at Date columns in contrast with the Balance column.

These columns provide the following information:

  • Net Change: The summation of all the transaction amounts within the Date Filter specified.

  • Balance at Date: The summation of all the transaction amounts, ranging from the very first transaction (irrespective of whether it falls within the Date Filter range) up to the end date of the Date Filter specified.

This column might not be visible in the default Chart of Accounts. The user can however insert this through the Choose Columns… functionality.

  • Balance: The summation of all the transaction amounts irrespective of the Date Filter specified.  

For instance, as per Date Filter illustrated in Figure 3, the interpretation below will be applied:

  • Net Change: all transactions posted from 1st July 2017 till 11th December 2017.

  • Balance at Date: all transactions posted till 11th December 2017.

  • Balance:  all transactions posted. 

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