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Adding Custom Layouts and e-mail addresses to individual Customer Cards

Customers in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) can be assigned with distinct document layouts (e.g. sales invoice, sales credit memo) and e-mail body templates.

Multiple e-mail accounts can be linked to these layouts.

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Step-by-step guide

Navigate to the Customer Card and from the task bar click on Navigate > Customer > Document Layouts

Under the Usage column select the document you want to configure from the drop-down, e.g Invoice


Complete the setup as follows:

  • Report ID: 1306 (Report Caption will be updated automatically by the system)

  • Custom Layout Description: Select the customer layout report pre-set in the system

  • Sent to Email: insert e-mail accounts of contacts you want to send documents to, separated by a semicolon ;

  • Use for Email Body: Tick this box if you want to attach a pre-set e-mail body

  • Email Body Layout Description: Select the customer layout report

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