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How to create and post a Check

Computer Checks can be created, printed and posted directly in Business Central. Payment Journal must be used in order to work with Checks.

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How to create a Check

  1. Open Payment Journal

  2. Select “Batch name” with the Bank Account you want to issue the Check from (in our example Citi Disbursement account)

Open the list of Batches and select CITI_DISB

3. We need to create a new Journal Line, Account Type and Account No. will specify, who will this Check be issued for (in our example Vendor - Delta Air)

a. On the new line we need to select Account Type = Vendor and Account No. = Delta Air

b. Then we need to scroll to the right and fill in Description and Amount fields

c. Last thing to do on our new Payment Journal Line is to specify that this line is a Computer Check. This is done in a column called “Bank Payment Type”. In this field we need to select the option “Computer Check”

The Bank Payment Type field is hidden by default. Sometimes is necessary to add this field using the Personalise option.

4. Now there is a new line with all mandatory fields created. The “Check Printed” indicator is set to FALSE since we haven’t printed the check yet. The system will not allow us to Post this line without it being printed first.

How to print a Check

When there is a new line of Computer Check type created, it must be printed. Printing is done again from the Payment Journal.

  1. Open the Payment Journal

  2. Select the line you want to print

  3. Select the Print Check action in Check menu

4. The options screen will open and we might have to select the Bank Account from which we want the funds to be taken - Bank Account field, in our case Citi_Disbursement. The system should automatically load the Last Check No. If this is incorrect, you can amend it manually to the next Check No. you’ll be printing

5. Last thing to do is to press the Print option and BC will send this Check to be printed in your printer

How to post a Check

Now when the line with a Computer Check was printed, we can go ahead and Post the transaction. This is again done in the Payment Journal screen using the Post function

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