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How to create Recurring Purchase Lines

This document is as a quick reference to create new Recurring Purchase Lines.

Recurring Purchase Lines are used when a company frequently orders (for example every month) the same goods. Invoice always contains the same information and we can pre-define this item or service and use in again in the next invoice.

Example: we rent an office from a vendor and we pay him the same amount every month

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Recurring purchase lines

  • First we will create a new recurring purchase lines: In the Search box, type Recurring Purchase Lines and choose a link

  • In the Home tab click on New

  • Fill in details of your purchase

INFO: If the Currency code is different from local currency, you need to fill in Currency code field

  • You have created Recurring Purchase Lines

  • We need to assign created Recurring Purchase Lines to a vendor: Navigate to Vendors (Use Search Box)

  • Choose Vendor and click on Edit in the Manage action group

  • Go to Related, Purchases and click on Recurring Purchase Lines

  • Select a code you want to use for this vendor

  • Now you can use Recurring Purchase Lines while creating a new Purchase Invoice

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