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How to Modify Sales Quote Email Template to Customers

You can set up default reports that will be used to print the various documents for sales and purchases, such as orders, quotes, invoices, and credit memos.

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For example, if you have a specific layout for sales invoices, you can specify that report in the Report Selections - Sales page so that it will be used to send or print sales invoices.

The Report Selections pages specify which report will be printed in different situations. Business Central includes default configurations, but of course you can change these defaults. You can also add reports to the Report Selection pages if you want to print more than one report per document type, for example.

Report selection for sales documents

1. Choose the search icon, enter Report Selection - Sales, and then choose the related link.



2. Click on the Email Body Layout Description field action.



3. On the Custom Report Layouts page, select the Default Email Body description.



4. Click on the Layout field and Select Export Layout.



5. Edit the Layout by adding the company logo to the sales quote.



6. Click on the Layout field and Select Import Layout the edited word document.



6. Select the new email template which is created as Copy of Default - Email Body.



To send an email with the standard email body template

1. On the Sales quote page, navigate to the Print/Send button and click on Send by Email.



2. Fill in the fields as necessary.



3. Click on OK.

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