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How to Post Shipment and Invoice from Sales order

This document is a quick reference to post shipment and invoice from sales order.

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Post Shipment and Invoice from a Sales order

  • Go to Sales Order (type Sales Orders in the Search box and click on a link)

  • Find sales order you want to ship and invoice and open it (click)

  • Navigate to the quote line, there are 4 columns: Quantity to Ship, Quantity Shipped, Quantity to Invoice, Quantity Invoiced

Quantity to ship means that Customer made an order and we need to ship items he’s ordered. In our example we have an information that we need to ship 10 items. Imagine that we have only 6 items in our warehouse so we will ship 6 items to the cutomer and we will also invoice them right away:

  • Rewrite Quantity to Ship to number of items you want to ship (6) and click on Post (in a Posting tab)

  • Choose Ship and Invoice on a user dialog

In case that we only want to ship items and invoice them later, we will choose Ship in a user dialog.

  • We’ve shipped 6 items (Quantity shipped), we’ve invoiced 6 items (Quantity invoiced) and we need to ship and invoice 4 more items

  • To ship the rest of items, click od Post in a Posting tab and choose Ship

  • We’ve shipped 5 items (Quantity shipped) and we need to invoice 2 items (Quantity to invoice)

  • To invoice the rest of items, click on Post in Posting tab and choose Invoice

  • We’ve created Posted Sales Invoices

  • You can find Posted Sales Shipment using Search box

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