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How To Run Calculate & Post VAT Settlement

To determine how much has to be sent to tax authorities, we execute the Calc-post VAT settlement batch job in Business Central. It identifies all VAT entries in the VAT entry window for each VAT posting group combination specified in the batch job filters. It calculates the VAT settlement of open VAT entries from prior accounting periods. Follow the steps below to run the batch job.

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STEP 1: Click on the search icon at the top right and type in “CALCULATE AND POST VAT SETTLEMENT”. Select the related link.

STEP 2: An Options window pops up, then fill in the spaces provided as required.


  • Period Date Type

  • Starting Date and Ending Date: Provide the date range of the VAT entries to be settled.

  • Posting Date: Specify the settlement posting date.

  • Document No.: Enter a unique number for the settlement. This field must be filled to run the batch job.

  • Settlement Account: Select the G/L account where the net of the sales and purchase VAT entries will be recorded. Usually, a balance sheet account is selected.

  • Show VAT Entries: Select the check box to display all VAT entries used to calculate the settlement amount for every VAT posting group. Not selecting the check box will display the total settlement for each group.

  • Post: Select the check box to post the VAT settlement. The batch job will only print a test report if the check box is not selected.

  • Show Amounts in Add. Reporting Currency: Check the box to instruct the report to display amounts in previously specified Additional Reporting Currencies.

  • VAT Bus. Posting Group & VAT Prod. Posting Group: Specify the VAT Business and Product posting group in the batch job.

STEP 3: Review or print the VAT settlement by selecting Preview or Print at the bottom of the Options window.

STEP 4: If the Post check box is selected, you will receive a notice enquiring if the VAT Settlement must be calculated and posted. Select YES, then exit the print preview window.

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