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Microsoft Business Central

How to set and use No. Series in Business Central

This document is a quick reference to how to set and use No. Series in Business Central. No. Series provides automatic numbering of invoices, customers, vendors, etc. Each document is given a number automatically.

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No. Series

Navigate to No. Series -insert No. Series to the search box and choose the related link

Click on +New

In the new line insert Code and Description and click on the blank field in starting

Fill in Starting No., Ending No. and Warning No.:

  • Starting No. = Number of the first invoice

  • Ending No. = Number of the last invoice

  • Warning No. = Business Central will remind you that almost all numbers are uses and it’s necessary to create a new No. Series

However, there are more options on how to create the No. series. For example, you can use different No. Series for every year. To do so fill in starting date, e.g.:

To set up where the No. Series is supposed to be used navigate to Sales & Receivable Setup (use SearchBox) and in Number Series Tab choose particular No. Series for the related document.

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