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Jet Reports

How to use NL(Sum)

NL is a powerful Jet function that enables you to create reports in Excel with ease. Among the various NL functions available, NL (“Sum“) is particularly useful for automatically summing numerical fields in any table, such as Balance, Amount, Balance (LCY), etc.

Here's how to use the NL (“Sum“) function to show the customer amount (LCY) in your report:

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  1. Open your Excel report and go to the Jet tab.

  2. Retrieve the Customer Name and Number using the NL Rows function

  3. Navigate to Tools and click on the NL function.

4. In the pop-up window that appears, select Sum from the What tab.

5. Enter Cust. Ledger Entry in the Table tab.

6. Enter Amount (LCY) in the field tab.

7. On the Filter tab, reference Customer no and lock the column.

8. Once you click on ok, you should have something like this

When you run your report, you should see a clear and organized display of customer amounts (LCY), names, and numbers.

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