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Jet Reports

Producing a Date Filter as a Report option

Date Filters are created from the Report Options page to create a Date range

Date filters create filters for the Start date and End date based on the user’s input.


How to create a Date Filter using Report Options

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  • Open your excel report and go to the Jet tab.

  • Navigate to Tools and click on the Report Options function.

  • On the drop-down, you should have a pop-up as shown below.

we then fill in as shown below

  1. Fill in the first space with 'Start Date'

  2. Fill in the first space with 'End Date

  3. Also, fill in your required date under Value,

Then click on ok.

  •  Once you click on ok, it will automatically create a new sheet titled Options. You do not need to run this, it should look something like this.

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