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Sales Invoice & Copy Document

You create a sales invoice or sales order to record your agreement with a customer to sell certain products on certain delivery and payment terms.

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There are a couple of scenarios where you must use a sales order instead of a sales invoice:

  • If you need to ship only part of an order quantity, for example, because the full quantity is not on hand.

  • If you ship products after you post the corresponding sales invoices.

  • If you sell items that your vendor delivers directly to your customer, known as drop shipment.

In all other aspects, sales orders and sales invoices work in the same way.

You can negotiate with the customer by first creating a sales quote, which you can convert to a sales invoice when you agree on the sale.

To create a sales invoice


1. Choose the  search icon, enter Sales Invoices, and then choose the related link.


2. Click on New on the Sales Invoices page.



3. In the Customer field, enter the name of an existing customer.

4. Fill in the remaining fields on the Sales Invoice page as necessary. Hover over a field to read a short description.

5. On the Lines FastTab, in the Type field, select what type of product, charge, or transaction that you will post for the customer with the sales line.

6. In the No. field, select a record to post according to the value in the Type field.

You leave the No. field empty in the following cases:

  • If the line is for a comment. Write the comment in the Description field.

  • If the line is for a catalog item. Choose the Select Catalog Items action.

  • In the Quantity field, enter how many units of the product, charge, or transaction that the line will record for the customer.

7. In the Quantity field, enter how many units of the product, charge, or transaction that the line will record for the customer. The value in the Line Amount field is calculated as Unit Price x Quantity.

The price and line amounts are with or without sales tax, depending on what you selected in the Prices Including Tax field on the customer card.

8. If you want to give a discount, enter a percentage in the Line Discount % field. The value in the Line Amount field updates accordingly.

If special item prices are set up on the Sales Prices and Sales Line Discounts FastTab on the customer or item card, the price and amount on the sales line automatically update if the price criteria is met.

9. In the Invoice Discount Amount field, enter an amount that should be deducted from the value shown in the Total Incl. Tax field.

If you have set up invoice discounts for the customer, then the specified percentage value is automatically inserted in the Invoice Discount % field if the criteria are met, and the related amount is inserted in the Inv. Discount Amount Excl. Tax field.

10. When the sales invoice lines are completed, choose the Post action.



Copy Document

It is used to copy document lines and header information from another sales document to your current document. You can copy a posted sales invoice into a new sales invoice to quickly create a similar document.

To create Copy Document in Sales Invoice

1. On the Sales Invoice page, click on Prepare and Go to Copy Document.


2. Proceed to fill the necessary fields of the Sales Document you want to copy.

3. Click on OK.


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