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Sales Order Credit Limit Approval in Business Central

This document describes the changes that have been done regarding being able to use the Sales Order Credit Limit workflow. This workflow has also been enabled for the Sales Invoice document as well. 

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What have we done?

  1. Customer Templates - We have set the Payment Terms Code field in the 3 customer templates to "CASH". When a new customer is created, it will be created as a CASH customer.

    However, customization is still required to make the Payment Terms Code and Credit Limit (LCY) fields only editable by a designated authority.

  2. Approval User Setup has been configured to include the changes that you requested. For example, User ID "STORES" now has an Approver ID "SFALZON".

  3. Notification Setup - users will get notified by Notes for approvals. 

  4. Workflows - Sales Invoice Credit Limit Approval and Sales Order Credit Limit Approval workflows have been designed and enabled.

  5. Uploaded the customer list to reflect customer credit limit. 

Sales Order Process

You can not Post the Sales Order until the Status is Released. The Sales Order must now follow an approval workflow to arrive at a Released status.

Selling to a Cash Customer

For a Cash Customer i.e the Payment Terms Code is CASH. When you click on Send Approval Request, the Status on the Sales Order becomes Released.

The released Sales Order can now be posted.

Selling to a Credit Customer

For a customer with credit limit, when you create a sales order, you are notified if the customer’s credit limit has been exceeded and if the customer has an overdue balance. The system does not restrict your creation of the sales order, however, the sales order must go through an approval process. Click on the Send Approval Request, the Approval Entries are created for the Requester and the Approver.

An approval request is sent and the Status changes to Pending Approval.

Approval Entries

Click on the Approvals to the view the Approval Entries created. You can see the Sender ID and the Approver ID

Search for Approvals in the search bar.

The Approver can see on the Role Center that there is 1 Request to Approve.

The approver can take action by choosing to Approve, Reject or Delegate. The approver can choose to Open Record to see the actual document involved.

If the approver chooses to Approve then the sales document becomes Released and ready to be posted.

The released Sales Order can now be posted.

Delegation of Approval Entries

You can delegate an Approval Entry if the Approver is not available to approve the sales document. In the Approval User Setup, we have defined a substitute for SFALZON which is CMIZZI. 

In the absence of SFALZON, when a user sends an approval request, the user will  search for the Approval Request Entries and click on the link. In the Approval Request Entries window, the user can select the related entry and click Delegate. The Approver ID changes from SFALZON to CMIZZI. The new approver, CMIZZI will get notified. 

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