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Jet Reports

Using NP ("Date Filter") Function

Creating date ranges for filtering data in Jet Reports can be a time-consuming and intricate task. However, the NP function, also known as the "Date Filter," can significantly simplify the process of generating date ranges for filtering purposes. This function employs start and end dates to produce a range of dates that can also be utilized in Excel.

To utilize the NP function in Jet Reports, the following steps can be taken:

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Step 1

Open an existing report that includes a Report Options page with a Date filter and a report page.

We have our Date filter on our Options page here

We have our report on the report page here

Step 2

Use the NP function to reference the date range in the Report Options page by ensuring that the balance formula box on cell F5 is selected.

Then, navigate to the Jet Function Wizard by clicking on "Tools" and "NL function."

  • On the drop-down, you should see the list of all the functions. we now use our NP Date Filter in our report. this will be done under the filter.

  • Scroll down to the filter section, and on the box by the left, search date as shown below

  • We now input the date range in the box on the right side. we need to include two dates in the box. on the drop-down, we will only be able to select a single date, so we navigate to Nested Jet Function. on the drop-down, we select NP Function

The Last Date Modified requires a value which is where the NP Filter comes in i.e. we want the vendor balance whose last date modified falls between a period (e.g. 01/01/2023 to 03/03/2023). To do this, go to the top right and select Nested Jet Functions > Insert NP

On clicking the NP function, the pop up below comes up

Fill in the details below

  • What - “Date Filter“

  • Start Date - Use report options to get your start date

  • End Date - Use report options to get your end date

On the start date, click on “Insert Options Page“. when you do that, the Report Option, which contains our Start and End date, should pop up. we then select Start Date and then click on add.

Do the same for End Date also, then what you have should be as seen below

Once that is done, click on back which takes you to the previous tab. you should be able to see the formula in the box as shown below. Click ok to close it, the NP Date Filter has been applied to the report successfully.

Once the report is run, the user can utilize the Report Options page to filter the data based on the specified date range and select a particular date to display in the report.

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