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Jet Reports

Using Report Options with your report

Open your excel report and go to the Jet tab.

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  1. Click on Report Options and fill in the necessary Options, depending on the number of options required. Then a new page should appear titled 'Options'. This will allow the customer can fill in any value of their choice.

The title column is where you type in a title and the value is the value the report will use. The lookup column is for get a list of values in a particular column on a particular table. Instead of manually typing in the value, you can always use the lookup option and when running the report, all you have to do is just click on the filter icon and select a value.

Now that you have created your options. Next is to incorporate these options into your report

To incorporate this, you would need to do this with the Jet functions. For instance, the start date, end date, and company here are retrieving values specified in the report options.

To use your report options with your jet functions, select the cell you are using. in this case, we want the End Date to be retrieved from the report options. Select that cell

Then click on report options. Then a pop-up comes up asking you to choose one of the options created

You can see the end date is now referencing the end date specified in the report options

You can also incorporate this with your NL function. Here you incorporate it under filters. In the image below, only G/L Account No selected in the report options will be included in the report

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