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Jet Reports

Using Report Wizard

A Report Wizard is one of the Jet Features in the ribbon tools that allow us to do some cool stuff using Jet Report. A Report Wizard makes building reports easy by guiding you through a series of questions to help you generate your report. A Report Wizard let you mark out the fields you wish to include in a report, allowing you to add a filter, group, sort, and also layout you want to use for your report.

I’ll show you how to create a Trial Balance using Report Wizard in this report.

What do you understand by Trial Balance Report?

The trial balance report shows the balance of each nominal account at a particular point in time. the report might include debits and credits posted to each account. our trial balance report will be created from the G/L Account table with the following Fields; No, Name, Date, Income/Balance, and Balance.


Step 1 Open your Report, Wizard

Just at the ribbon under the Jet Report section, you should be able to see Report Wizard as shown below.

Click on that, then a new window will pop up, just like we have below.

Select the table you want to create your report from, then click on ok as shown below. that will take you to the next page.

Step 2 Selecting the fields and applying the necessary criteria

  • Field

Select the field you want to show in your report in the (Add Fields) by searching the name of the fields on the search tab. the selected fields will be shown in the Column order box, then click on next.

  • Filter


  • Group


  • Sort

We sort our balance in descending order, from the highest to the smallest.

  • Total

We want our report to show the total balance, so we select it also.

  • Format

We want to be able to edit our report after creating it with Report Wizard, so click to add basic Excel formatting.

Step 3 Review your report

Once you are done selecting, click on next. this will take you to a page to show you all you’ve done so far.

Once you’ve cross-checked your work, you can click on finish. This will automatically create your Report, and it should be like this.

Step 4 Running your report.

Once you have your report created, you can then run your report. When you do that, it should be like this.

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