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VAT Entries Report

A VAT report is a financial document that summarizes a company’s VAT Transactions over a specific accounting period, helping a company complete its VAT return. In this report, we show you how to create a VAT Report that shows sale and purchase documents. The report is created from the following information.

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Step 1 Know where you are pulling your data from

Just as shown below, the NL(Rows) will contain our source of data, which will be pulled from the table “VAT Entry“. The NF (Keys) will be a cell reference, which will be referencing cell $D7, and the fields will be pulled from the names as shown.

Step 2 Filling in the formulas

Since we now know where to pull our table, keys, and fields from, I’ll show you how to do that here. Once you are done creating the functions, you can remove the names on the last row. They are just there to guide you on the name to put in the field when filling in the formulas.

  • filling the formulas for the NL function.

Fill in as shown below

  • Filling the formulas for the NF function

Fill in as shown below.

Note: use the same procedure to fill in all the NF functions. the key will be the same, just the field will be different.

When all these are done, your report should look just as shown below

Step 3 Running your report.

When you run your report, it should look something like this.

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