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What is Master Data Integration?

What is the target?

The aim of this extension is to implement a common set of data amongst the companies within the group. The most common requirement is to propagate the Chart of Accounts, however the extension may allow the user to use it for any entity within Business Central. Some of the most common entities are:

  • Vendors

  • Customers

  • Dimensions

  • Dimension Values

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How does it work?

Master Data Company

A master data company is created and it will be the main company from which data will be created and propagated to the sister companies. However the user may opt out some of the companies such as the test companies

Companies (MDI)

It’s to be noted that the connected company do not need to reside within the same instance and the integration may be done even via webservice, which is a very commonly used integration method.

ERP Business Central
Connection Types Available - ERP Business Central

Master G/L Accounts

The Chart of Accounts area is the only entity which necessitates a different window from the standard window. However from a user perspective, the view will be very similar to the conventional one. Besides the user may choose to which companies the nominal accounts may be propagated.

Master G/L Account - Business Central ERP Software

Company Matrix - Business Central ERP Software

Synchronization Profiles

The synchronization profiles act as a gateway to any table within the system, which in turn the data can be propagated to a defined company. Through the profiles the user may define:

  • The table to be replicated

  • The fields to be copied

  • A pre-defined filter for which records are to be synchronised

  • The company to which it is to be synchronised.

 Synchronization Profile -  Business Central ERP Software
Synchronization Profile - Business Central ERP Software

Table Filtering Criteria -  Business Central ERP Software
Table Filtering Criteria - Business Central ERP Software


The implementation of this addon can be done in a very fast manner, ensuring that it will be up and running within a week. Some version restrictions apply and we suggest to get in contact with us to assist you in its implementation.

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