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Atlassian Cloud Migration

Cloud is a big part of Atlassian’s future, and we’re more focused than ever on delivering a great Server to Cloud migration experience.

What is Atlassian Cloud?

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Rather than installing and maintaining Atlassian products on your own servers, with cloud, Atlassian hosts, sets up, secures and maintains your products in the cloud for you. What’s more, Atlassian offers a Cloud Enterprise plan that includes enterprise-grade features like multiple instances, SAML SSO, a 99.95% SLA, and 24/7 support.

Why move to cloud?

To begin with, Atlassian has invested heavily in their cloud products to make them the best choice for enterprises. Atlassian Cloud products are built on different codebases than the self-managed ones and, as a result, offer a new, modern experience as well as many features that you won’t find in Server or Data Center.

Elevated IT Impact

Relocate infrastructure costs and IT resources to strategic business priorities

Accelerated Team Productivity

Relocate infrastructure costs and IT resources to strategic business priorities

Built-in Security and Compliance

Mitigate security and compliance risk with  trusted Atlassian Cloud Platform

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Why do server customers need to act now?

End Server support date was February 15, 2024 and migrations take more time than most customers realize. On average, a migration takes at least 9 months to prep, plan, test, and take into production. When working with enterprise-level cloud migration, that timeframe could double or triple.

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Cloud migration
customer challenges

Migrations might present additional challenges for customers. Especially enterprise organisations deal with large user bases, multiple Atlassian products or third-party apps, and lots of data.

Here are the top 3 customer challenges and assumptions about cloud migration and our answer to these challenges 


I have plenty of time to move to Atlassian Cloud!


Atlassian Cloud is 10X more expensive than what i pay for today



Is my company data safe in the cloud?

Server to cloud: 
Why make the move?

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