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Hotels and Resorts

Point of Sale (POS)

An all-in-one POS software solution for hotels and resorts to cater for all your needs.

Service Excellence

Use only one software platform to carry out all your retail business functions - hospitality, hotel, retail and event business. Besides the traditional hotel Property Management System (PMS), you also get retail and hospitality specific functionalities to easily manage checks-ins, check-outs, spa bookings, reservations, retail sales, table and kitchen management. The best part of it is that you get to have complete bird’s eye view since all activity is carried out in one single platform.

Centrally administered

Front to back coverage through our software solution tending from financial management to inventory, to procurement, to retail sales, food service, ticketing, reservations and events. Take better decisions in good time with this single centralized view of your business. Take the lead and have it all at your fingertips.

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Keep track of your customers’ past interactions and preferences, no matter if they dined at your restaurants, stayed in your resort, or simply purchased items from your online store. Use this information to build a rapport with your customers, provide them with a personalized experience and show your guests they matter to you. With the coverage over all of your sales channels, consistency becomes easy.

Eliminate extra operational costs

Cut low on costs an improve your ROI. Our software solution allows for:

  • Reducing the number of vendors, solutions and integration points

  • Leave no room for human error due to manual work

  • Accurate budgeting due to real-time data metrics

  • Planning according to need

  • Share indispensable data with the company and members of staff

  • Enhance inventory and minimize waste

Optimize resources

Do double bookings or empty slots sound familiar? Stop losing money! with the right reservation software. Optimize resources and grow loyalty and revenue. Get one version of the truth: all data is based on the same data-structure, and can be stored in the same database. Our solution is available in multiple languages and supports various currencies, tax structures and rules.

Save time and effort

Run promotions and offers in your restaurants, stores, activities, and monitor the outcome in real time. Set prices just once in the back office, and transmit them to all your touchpoints. Manage staffing levels based on volume of reservations within your business. Gain control, and save time and effort.

All LS Central POS software solutions include Microsoft's industry leading ERP/accounting software, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why LS Central Point of Sale?​

From stand-alone POS system to an all-encompassing software solution, you can enhance your operations and effortlessly claim control over your business activities from one central location. let our software solution help you thrive to excel in your industry.

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